Heartwarming / Sons of Guns

  • Combine a flamethrower, a WWII Congressional Medal of Honor winner, and some technical knowhow and you have what winds up being a truly touching moment when an American hero lights up a makeshift bunker.
    • When asked how much the Flamethrower is worth (hence, how much Will will charge to fix it)
    Will: That man has long since paid every debt he will ever incur.
  • A recent hire in the shop has been unable to clear up a problem on his background check in the few months he's been working there. Though admitting he's a great worker, it sounds like Will is about to let the man go because of it. Then Will explains he's going to have his lawyer (the employee had been unable to afford one) deal with the lingering issue so the employee can return to Red Jacket, and in the mean time the employee would work taking care of a large piece of rural property Will owns.
  • Issues with completing a recent order had put the company in serious financial hurt. Will acknowledges that there are going to be hard times, but that he basically considers it to be his duty to keep Red Jacket open and his people employed at least until the US economy improves.