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Heartwarming: Snowdrop
  • Snowdrop's heartwarming little speech about why winter isn't such a bad season and should be given it's due, just like the other seasons. The sweet blind Pegasus's words are so moving in fact that they move even the mid-Face-Heel Turn Princess Luna.
    Snowdrop: Celebrating Spring is good, but Winter can't be all bad if it gives us these. It maybe cold, and dark, but that doesn't mean there isn't any good to it. Maybe, maybe Winter is sad that everypony doesn't like it. So, maybe we need to make wishes on the winter snow, just like how we wish on the night stars. Maybe then we can have a happy Winter instead. We already have a happy Spring, and Summer, and Fall. Can't Winter be happy too? Because Winter, it's important. Even if it seems useless, it can give us wonderful things.
    • Her speech is in fact so moving that it gets all the little fillies who had been teasing her almost non-stop before to actually be quiet and really think about what she's saying.
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