Heartwarming / Skrillex

  • The end of the music video of Bangarang.
  • After telling off an audience member for throwing something at him hard enough to bruise, he implores the audience to please not beat up the person on his behalf.
  • The (actual, not Mondegreen) last line of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.
    Look at this: I'm a coward too. You don't need to hide, my friend, for I'm just like you.
  • Skrillex dedicating "Cinema" (the encore song of one of his live shows) to the at-the-time recently deceased Ryan Dunn, having the audience engage in 10 seconds of pure silence just in case Dunn happened to be watching.
  • His surprise reunion with From First to Last, a good 10 years after he'd last sung with them.