Heartwarming / Sket Dance

  • The end of Himeko's backstory.
  • The end of Happy Rebirthday.
  • When Momoka is narrating the puppet's show to the kindergarteners, and is obviously paralleling to her own feelings towards Himeko and the Sket Dan for helping her realising that she just needed friends.
  • Switch really caring about Yuuki when he is helping her buying a computer, and they start a conversation that doesn't involve their usual rivalry/discussion of occultism vs. technology and science. After seeing some models, an old schoolmate of hers shows up, and that makes her confess to Switch about what a 'weird' person she is. To which, he responded her that if she was just a normal girl, he wouldn't be more weird than she is, apparently. And how, he helps her revenging upon this guy.
    • Though Switch is reclutant to think that Yuuki is a friend for him, he also helps her again with the whole fortune teller incident. And the time she wants to make a film to enter a short film contest of Horror (though this is debated to leave him alone or just because he also loves horror so much, that he couldn't leave his own friends to do a bad short film).
  • That moment when the Sket Dan, as their band The Sketchbook, interpret "Funny Bunny" from The Pillows in the Kaimei Rock Festival, dedicated to a new friend of Bossun who is a violinist to not give up on her dreams.
  • The farewell to Agata when he leaves the President of the Student Council to Tsubaki.
  • How Tsubaki and Bossun start getting along more and more especially after they start knowing they are twin brothers.
    • When Yusuke's mom invites the other to finally meet him and she just remembers that he looks like Haru.... When they watch the films that Bossun's and Tsubaki's Disappeared Dad made and Sasuke is happy that he met his biological parents through them. And finally, the picture those two take together.
    • When Sasuke wants to defend Daisy and he takes an advice from Yusuke. And how the Sket Dan, later help him towards this.
    • Tsubaki is finally admiting that Bossun is influencing him in a pair of things he does, like the time they were coming up with a design of a shirt.
    • And how about the time they ended up teaming up in a JRPG?
    • During the episode when Tsubaki got turned into a kid in body and mind, as Switch said it, Bossun's affection totally went off the chart.
  • In the christmas chapter when the Sket Dan has to deal with a friend of a requester who is a hikkikomori. Knowing that Switch was one too one year ago before the events of this chapter, the other members are decided to help the requester with her friend. At the end, it's emotional since almost EVERYONE of their classmates help them too.
  • Tsubaki's final words to the 3rd year graduates, and how he ends up crying in the middle of it because that speech is more dedicated to Agata, who tells him to stop being too serious about his own duty as the President of the Student Council of doing that and just tells him to say what he wants to.
    • As which, Agata's own speech towards his juniors.
  • Switch's first time talking to Bossun and Himeko at chapter 286. Dear lord... And the Group Hug after that with them (including Switch!!) laughing while tearing up is just... Oh my...