Heartwarming / Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

  • Sinbad's realization about himself after he doesn't get the Book of Peace and Marina's impassioned defense of him. It's definitely a crossover with Tear Jerker when he decides to return to Syracuse to die instead of Proteus.
  • Proteus' decision to let Marina go with Sinbad instead of marrying him as they were promised to do. He really is the noblest person in the entire film.
  • The crew being in on Marina coming with them at the end of the movie. The big grins on their faces are absolutely adorable.
  • Watching Sinbad see Marina for the second time. Sinbad, the plunderer of the seven seas who would have a quip for every comment, is reduced to a speechless mess.
  • Sinbad's dog Spike. Just... Spike in general.