Heartwarming / Simon & Garfunkel

  • From "Voices of Old People"
    Interviewer: But are you happy?
    Mrs. Singer: If you mean, if, if you could say, yes, and I thought, and I was so happy, and everybody, "What is this? What is it?" It just is a beautiful life. Just a room. Your own room, in your own home.
    • Subverted a little when you realize she's talking about being committed to an old folks home.
  • How about this story? After Muhammad Ali passed away, Paul Simon was given the news on stage and told it to his concertgoers.... then broke into "The Boxer" to pay him homage.
  • The whole lyrics of "Bridge over Troubled Water", which is about being there for A Friend in Need.
  • Listen to "Homeward Bound" when you're actually traveling home from a trip. Bonus points if you're a native New Yorker.
  • The Only Living Boy in New York
    • Childlike innocence and optimism just burst from this song. He-ey, I've got nothing to do to-day but smile . . .
    • Very early on, they performed together as Tom and Jerry. So that first line—Tom, get your plane right on time is Paul (Jerry) singing to Art (Tom).