Heartwarming / Silver Surfer

  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: In the alternate universe story Silver Surfer: Requiem, the Surfer allows Mary Jane Watson-Parker to use the Power Cosmic (which amounted to flying in space on his board for a few hours) for her birthday as a favor to Spider-Man. When she returns, deeply moved by the experience, Spider-Man asks Norrin to use the Power Cosmic and let the entire world feel the freedom that the Surfer feels (and Mary Jane felt). Norrin complies with the request and unleashes a wave of energy so powerful, the entire world stops in its tracks.
    Spider-Man: The only thing he ever wanted was to bring peace to the world. And for five minutes, he did just that.
    • From the same story: Galactus returns to Zenn-La to offer the dying Norrin Radd a chance to live, but the Surfer refuses. Galactus, expecting Radd's final wish, promises to never harm Zenn-La or allow harm to befall it ("I would never allow anyone to harm the world that was the heart and soul of the most honorable being I have ever known"). The planet eater stays on Zenn-La during the three days of mourning for Norrin, then launches the Surfer's body into space, where it forms a bright new star to watch over the universe.