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Heartwarming: Shokugeki No Soma
  • The final program of the Hellish Training which Doujima Gin present after a strong speech: A dinner prepared from the former Elite Tens for the students efforts for the past week.
  • Fumio looking on proudly as Megumi proves that she's not a dunce.
    Fumio: "That's it. That's the way. You're a student from the Polar Star Dorm, whom this Daimidou Fumio admitted!"
  • Takumi comforting Isami after the latter messes up his recipe.
    Takumi: Aldini will be not be complete without the two of us.
    • Later when the final 4 are announced in Block B, it's not neccesary any word, but Takumi's hand on Isami's shoulder is more expresive than any other panel in that page.
  • The fact that, even when most of the tastings are illustrated into surreal fanservice arts, Megumi's dishes get the cutest illustrations: Her roomates are happily eating her onigiris in the beautiful garden, Shinomiya gets a flashback to his childhood with his mom, and the judges (after been swept off their feet by Alice) get the best way to close the round: by seating around a table like a family. Indeed her care and kindness translates into her food.
  • After the Autum Election preliminaries, the Polar Star gang have a party at Marui's room, also inviting Ikumi and the Aldini brothers. It's adorable seeing how they integrated to the friends group and interacting with the other guys.
    • Ikumi getting along very well with Yuuki as both are meat experts (Ikumi compliments Yuuki's wild game).
    • Takumi and Isami enjoying conversation with Ryoko and the two guys. With Takumi reaffirming his rivalry with Soma after some "rice juice" (althought he's really talking to himself aloud, Isami just handwaves this as normal).
    • In the same episode, Soma and Megumi have a talk in the balcony about how Soma has just discovered that the world is big and full of unknown ingredients and how he wants to get stronger, and Megumi tells him how she got stronger thanks to him. A pretty sweet moment that didn't need to become a romantic scene and how the two of them understand each other as equals.
    • Ryoko and Yuuki actually teasing an embarrased Ikumi about her obvious crush on Soma.
    • And let's not forget Isshiki attending Ikumi, Takumi and Isami like guests by being natural (and by that we mean going full-Naked Apron mode, almost stating they're now part of the Polar Star True Companions circle).
  • In chapter 61, Isshiki takes Soma and Megumi to a elementary cooking school, so they cover for the absent teacher. Not only Soma and Megumi cleverly gain the attention and admiration of the children, but they also displayed how well they work together.
    • Megumi also says that the key to make tastier dishes is to "think on someone you want to cook for", which is important for two reasons: That's the tip Soma didn't hear his father during their phone call, and also because Megumi realizes by this point she is starting to care more for Soma.
  • The flashback in chapter 65 to a young Soma interacting with an elderly woman that he sees as a grandmother figure. She starts experiencing hip pain so she can't walk to Yukihira, so the young Soma personally delivers a nori bento to her at home, using up his break time to deliver it. He left her instructions to take the nori off before eating the rice, and she finds a small image of Soma and herself etched in the rice, which reduces her to heartwarming tears after seeing it.
  • In Chapter 67, after Soma's win against Alice, Megumi congratulates Soma for the victory. Both have a little conversation, with Soma recognizing how Megumi has grown since their first meeting, when she couldn't stop staring nervously at the pot. They happily wish each other good luck on the following Shokugekis, showing how much their friendship has become closer.
    • Also the rest of the Polar Star residents (plus Ikumi and Isami) organize a cheer squad for Megumi, with Yuuki making paper fans with Megumi's name for everyone. Althought they're all embarrased from using them, even Shun and Ikumi agree to use the fans.
  • In Chapter 72, after the reveal that Ryou Kurokiba won, two jerks were about to mock Megumi as a loser once again, but instead the rest of the students, who until that match were proved slowly that Megumi is a very good chef, applauded her performance and showed how much respect for her they all have now. The two bullies had to keep quiet.
    • Also the remaining contestants have moments where they get even more determined to win for people they care about: Akira wants to win to make Jun proud, Takumi doesn't want to let Isami down, and Hisako wants to live up to Erina's standards.
  • Chapter 75 gives us two great ones:
    • Even when Soma reminded him of how Takumi's Badass Boast turned into an Epic Fail (when he declared they'd meet again in a challenge, only to sit together in the bus minutes later), to Takumi's embarrasment, Soma gave him back his boast by motivating him to win and settle their draw. Takumi's face of joy is heartwarming in many levels.
    • Right before their match, and after Takumi reveals he was highly aware of Subaru Mimasaka's intentions, Takumi gets angry once Subaru insults Isami, showing how much he cares about his brother, even thought that's what his opponent is looking for.
  • In a minor moment for Erina's character, she genuinely misses Hisako when she left on a hiatus. Erina herself even said she didn't care about her defeat, but Hisako is as proud as Erina, not considering herself to be worthy of being by her side.
  • There are many moments where Akira demonstrates how high he has Jun in his life.
    • When Natsume Sendawara, considered "The Queen of Curry", offers him a high-paid job for her company, Akira flat out rejects it, by declaring "I only fight for Jun".
    • While he boasts and declares to others that he wants to take over the Elite Ten, Akira is really more determined to win so Jun can be proud of him. Jun, already knowing this, tells him she already is, so he doesn't have to stress himself to win.
  • In Chapter 89 there're some of them:
    • After Soma defeats Subaru, all the knives are returned to their original owners. The girl who was said Subaru took her late mother's knife gave a big tearful thanks to Soma.
    • Even if you hate Subaru, you can't help feeling sorry for him when it's revealed that his nasty behaviour was originated by his father being neglectful towards him and practically abandoning him at Tootsuki.
    • When Subaru considers quiting cooking as well, Soma actually calls him out on this and encourages him to keep cooking and look forward, which even makes Subaru tearfully accept his defeat with grace. It's also crowned by a bit of Fan Disservice as well. The girls also point out the irony that Soma put in risk his own future as a chef in order to encourage others to keep trying.
    • Once everyone is done with getting their knives back, Takumi rejects his own Mezzaluna, declaring that he will earn it back on his own accord by defeating both Subaru and Soma in a proper Shokugeki.
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