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Heartwarming: Shinryaku! Ika Musume
  • Won't You Keep It?: The entire part.
    Narrator: The Mini-Ika has a lifespan of 150 years...
    • The cold ending didn't affect the emotion at all. That right there was the real ending!
    • Actually, just about every Mini-Ika sequence is this. She'!
    • Somehow, this troper tears up even more at the credits. Just hearing that song, and bearing in mind its meaning, which is only enhanced even more when you just see Mini-Ika walking along the beach, where she first met her best friend.
  • Is This A Crisis? and Is This Really A Crisis?, the last two sequences of Season 1. Ika returning to the sea is played with just enough well-paced drama to break your heart, and the characters' reactions when Ika returns back to the beach house proves how much she invaded their hearts, if not the world.
  • Aren't You Going To Invade? Ika is convinced someone has planted a bomb at the Lemon, and it's about to go off. Her immediate reaction is to shield Nagisa from the explosion with her body.
  • Won't You Join A Club? (S2, Ep 7.3): Ika announcing Kiyomi's house has been successfully invaded.
  • Isn't It Just The Two Of Us!?: Chizuru spending quality time with Ika alone and telling her that she wants to be friends with her.
    • This is perhaps the best heartwarming moment in the entire anime.
  • The closing theme for the first season, a song about making a friend. Particularly appropriate at the end of the first season, over a montage of various experiences not otherwise covered by the anime, ending with Ika looking out at the ocean as usual, then she turns, as someone has apparently called her. She cheerily raises her hand, then runs to the source. Also appropriate is when it's played over the end of episode 9, with Ika and Kiyomi holding hands as they look out over the ocean together.
  • The ED of the OVA shows scenes of Ika and Eiko at odds with each other, yet the last one is of Ika's tentacle gripping Eiko's leg as she sleeps on the side of the bed. They really are good friends.
  • Aren't you frightened? Ika Musume has trouble sleeping due to some previous courage test, so Eiko holds one of her tentacles, when they go to sleep. AAaaaaawwwwww.
  • In OVA 2.2, Goro's mother, after embarrassing him through much of the arc, tells him that she's been watching him and is very proud of his work as a lifeguard. He tears up a little bit at it.

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