Heartwarming / Shazam

  • It's not popular, but the 1980s Shazam: The New Beginning had one of the great moments of the character. Billy, having run away from his villainous guardian, Dr. Sivana, only to find that his Uncle Dudley is out of town, runs through the street in despair until he meets the mysterious stranger who takes him to the wizard. The heartwarming moment is right after that meeting when the wizard Shazam bestows the Captain Marvel power on Billy, only to have the boy find himself outside the closed subway entrance as if nothing had happened. Billy, desperate for the power to defend himself against Sivana, calls out to the wizard for help only to have no reply. In utter despair, Billy wails "Can't you hear me, SHAZAM?!" With that, * KRAKOOOM* the magic lightning hits Billy to change him into the Captain as he realized that this was no dream, it was real and he truly has the power of Shazam!
  • First Thunder has two such moments:
    • There was a more recent Shazam series which involved Superman figuring out Billy's identity as a homeless kid, and deciding he needs some mentoring. He goes to visit him as Clark, opens his coat and shirt, and then quietly sits down. "I'm Clark..."
    • There was also after one of Billy's friends murdered in front of him and Billy starting to go into a Despair Event Horizon while still being Marvel. When Superman confronts him, Billy reverts back to normal and Superman sees that the hero who could give him a run for his money in a fair fight, and more importantly is a valuable ally to fight magical enemies that could stomp him with a shrug, was just a young boy who lost his friend. Supes then proves himself to be truly selfless and confronts Shazam for recruiting Billy in the first place.
    • Shazam has an answer for Superman's accusations, pointing out that Billy is the only person in the world who can be trusted to wield this power. When Superman responds that Billy is "just a boy", Shazam looks at Superman with the look of a concerned father, saying, "Just a boy . . . who could use some guidance." Shazam is completely aware of what he's asking of Billy and how unfair it is, but has no other option. He needs someone as selfless and incorruptible as Billy, less he create another Black Adam. So instead, Shazam asks Superman to be Billy's friend.