Heartwarming / Shadow Raiders

  • Cryos abdicating as King because he would rather save his daughter from the beast drones.
    • Later, the new king, once loyal commander, Medstar offering Cryos back his crown as he and the people of ice accept him as the true king of Ice.
  • During Vizier's last moments, after being a Jerkass to the Alliance the entire time, he finally accepts them as friends to Pyrus. He even compliments Cryos as his lifetime Worthy Opponent. Also, his goodbye to Pyrus.
  • Pyrus forgiving Femur after abandoning the Alliance before.
  • A small one during the end of Timebomb. Having just sacrificed another planet to the Beast without damaging it, the crew looks on in despair at their hopeless situation. Then Femur of all people chimes in and tells them so long as there's life, there's hope. He managed to singlehandedly raise the spirits of everyone in the room.