Heartwarming / 1776

  • The saltpeter arrives in Philadelphia. In kegs tied with ribbons and bows. Right after she's talked John out of the dumps.
    • John's immediate reaction also qualifies. He runs into the main room and tells MacNair to "buy every damn pin in Philadelphia" to send home to his wife like she requested.
    • Honestly, any and every scene involving John and Abigail qualifies. Driven home when John appeals to her, "Abigail... come to Philadelphia. Please come," and then later with her reminder to him about his definition of "commitment".
    • It was John who sent for Jefferson's wife to help Jefferson get out of his depression...
    • This exchange between John and Abigail:
      Abigail: Don't stop writing. It's all I have.
      John: Every day, my dearest friend.
  • "Gentlemen of the Congress, I say ye, John Dickinson!"
  • Near the end, Washington sends one more dispatch. He's about to go into battle in New York. His army is outgunned, outclassed and outnumbered five-to-one. His closing: "How it will end only Providence can direct. But, dear God, what brave men I shall lose before this business ends!" Thompson is so overcome he can barely get the words out. Doubles as a tearjerker.
  • During the debate over the Declaration, Adams praises it to the skies and protests every single individual edit made to it, insisting it's moving, poetic, and a "masterful expression of the American mind." He respects Jefferson's talents and abilities so much, and is ridiculously protective of his work.