Heartwarming: Senki Zesshou Symphogear

  • This moment from Ep. 2 of the first season.
  • Hibiki and Miku making up in episode 8. So sweet, it'll make your teeth itch.
  • Tsubasa's return to the stage in episode 9.
  • Genjuro convincing Chris that her parents really did love her in episode 10. This leads to the debut of Chris's second song during her Moment of Awesome — the lyrics reflect her character development.
  • The last Ultimate Song and Hibiki's return in the final episode.
    • Also Phine reverting back to Ryoko and wishing Hibiki good luck before she literally crumbles to dust.

Symphogear G

  • Episode 4 has Chris singing in front of the Academy at the festival, while reflecting on how she became friends with three other students as well as Tsubasa, Hibiki, and Miku. This is especially heartwarming knowing what Chris has endured all her life, especially when seeing her singing so happily and knowing that she has friends who rely on her. Even Kirika and Shirabe, their enemies, are moved by the performance!
  • Episode 12 has a flurry :
    • Maria finding a sense of purpose in using her song to activate Frontier to remote control the moon back into its proper orbit, and broadcasting it to the whole world, apologizing for her acts
    • Tsubasa reminiscing Kanade and telling Chris her place is at their side against all odds
    • Chris finally calling Tsubasa "senpai", and affirming their mutual trust as they pull an epic fast one on Ver, and Tsubasa bailing Chris out
    • Fine saving Shirabe by taking Kirika's Swan Song (a strike capable of slashing down to the soul) and asking Shirabe to pass on her message to Hibiki
    • Miku cheering on Hibiki as she dons Gungnir after stealing it from Maria
  • The last segment of the first OVA: Chris prays for her parents at the Buddhist shrine she had Genjirou lug back to her apartment, telling them that even if she's not used to school life yet, she's beginning to enjoy it.