Heartwarming / Sengoku Youko

  • Chapter 35: Tama briefly snapping Jinka out of his Roaring Rampage of Revenge with a Love Confession, thinking that his 1000-Tailed Fox form looks magnificent, agreeing to marry him, and giving him a Big Damn Kiss.
  • Chapter 82: Shunsuke reveals his method of Spiritual interference is by helping them come to terms with their fears and standing behind them to help them forward, which is why they all support him.
    • Shakugan wakes up from her brainwashing.
  • Chapter 88: Jinka's brother manages to arrange a meeting with the Void of the Tribe and the spirits within Senya, stopping the fighting that had been going on and helping them reach a conclusion. While it isn't perfect, it is something more than what they had and offers them at least a chance of survival.
  • Chapter 92: Tsukiko basically asks Senya to marry him and he comes to peace with himself
  • Chapter 96: Jinka has his sanity restored thanks to everyone.