Heartwarming / Sector General

  • After getting to know the sarcastic, short-tempered, undiplomatic Major O'Mara through the eyes of Conway and other point-of-view characters, Mind Changer gives an in-depth view of the Chief Psychologist that can even change a reader's mind about him. It is genuinely touching to see him retire from Sector General, and all the moreso to discover his personal relationship with the fur-damaged Kelgian Marrasarah, whose Educator mind tape he's carried for some thirty years. This troper has read and re-read the series multiple times, and the last few pages of Mind Changer never fail to jerk the heartstrings as O'Mara gives Marrasarah his own mind tape so she knows him as thoroughly as he knows her, right down to the love he's felt for her for so long, in a literal "marriage of minds".