Heartwarming: Sean Connery

  • A lot of the tributes to him when he received the AFI Life Achievement Award. Of particular note are Mike Myers' and Pierce Brosnan's. Each note how they've pretty much based a great amount of their successes on his influence, and that they've been captivated by him since their respective childhoods.
    • Aside from comparing Connery to his father, Myers' most heartwarming bit is probably:
      Mike Myers: I've been playing with anagrams lately. For instance, change around the letters of another AFI Life Achievement Award Winner, Clint Eastwood, and it turns into... "Old West Action". Tom Cruise's becomes... "I'm So Cuter". Sean Connery's name turns into... "On Any Screen".
    • Sean's acceptance speech:
    Sean: I got my break, big break, when I was 5 years old. And it's taken me more than 70 years to realize it. You see, at 5, I learned to read. It's that simple, and it's that profound.
  • In his last official performance as James Bond in Diamonds Are Forever, Sean donated his salary (over $1 million) to the Scottish International Educational Trust, which he co-founded.