Heartwarming: Scream

Works in this franchise with their own pages:

First film:

  • The scene in the climax, after being chased by the killer Sidney finds Dewey. before it's revealed he is stabbed in the back. The smile on his face when he sees she is ok just shows why we all love Dewey so much. He gets better though.

Second film:

  • Minor one in the end. After spending the entire film still being uncomfortable around Cotton despite knowing he didn't kill her mother, Sid praises him on National TV, allowing him to become a public hero. This is after he saved her life from Debra.
  • Sidney's boyfriend gives her his Greek letters to protect her, and indeed they do - at the end of the movie she uses them to disable the killer for a moment. She continues to wear them in 3.

T.V Series

  • Emma comforting Brooke after Riley's death, assuring her that it wasn't her fault.
  • Likewise, Audrey giving Noah a shoulder when he's grieving, going so far as suggesting they form a Buddy Cop Show, ''Bicurious and the Virgin'' to catch the killer.
  • There's something sweet about Jake assuring Brooke that he, at least, doesn't want her dead because he needs at least one woman to be unattainable. For this troper, at least, Jake became all that more likable after this scene.
  • Brooke gets one in episode 5, when a girl just casually sits on Riley's seat in class, Brooke snaps at her to move someplace else, saying that that will forever be Riley's seat.