Heartwarming / Sanjay and Craig

  • Looks like this show does have it's fans...
  • Sanjay and Craig playing with all their new dogs in "Dog Wave"
    • The blueberry farmer offering to take care of all the dogs at the end of the episode
  • "High-five it?" "Hug it." Aww...
  • "The Giving G" borders between this and an almighty Tear Jerker.
  • Noodman and Craig (in disguise as his long-lost cousin) bonding over the course of "Family Re-Noodman."
  • Megan apologising to Sanjay at the end of "Susan Loogie".
  • Pretty much the entire premise of "Bros of a Feather".
  • The end of "Trouble Dare" where Mark Summers says, "Good night, old friend" to Harvey. It'll touch the heart of those who grew up when Nickelodeon had Double Dare (both the version with kids as the contestants and the ones with families).
  • Nine words: Everything cool I do I do it with you
  • Sanjay himself can be utterly adorable at times, especially as a toddler (baby?) in the leaked episode, "Beauty and the Beard".
  • How does Hector react to hearing the possible end of the world? he kisses Megan on the mouth! Doubles as a funny moment.
  • Darlene and Lady Butterscotch's reunion in "Butt's Up Club".
  • This.
    • "There ain't nothin' wrong with pampering yourself".
  • Say what you want about the whole "Huggle Day" fiasco, Sanjay and Craig winning back their friends and everyone giving each other stuff was pretty darn sweet and it was probably the reason why the episode wasn't Overshadowed by Controversy.
  • "Diaper Dinks" is about the main four and everyone else for that matter reverting into babies, sweet dreams everyone.
  • "Ew De Hector" has a very precious moment between the boys: when Sanjay falls asleep, Craig lets him lay upon his tail as the latter calls him his "Sweet Indian Prince" and begins to lay himself and Sanjay down upon a pile of hay to rest on together for the night.