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Heartwarming: Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
  • Episode 8: The kids cheering Sorata up during the pool party. Sorata finally stopped being depressed and dives into the pool. Mashiro's expression when he jumps into the water says it all.
    • "Mashiro... I think... I know what love is."
  • Episode 10, when Rita and Mashiro make up after Rita's scathing review of Mashiro.
  • Episode 18 has one when Jin gives Misaki a ring.
  • Episode 22: Nanami's self-friendzoning conversation with Sorata.
  • Misaki's Rousing Speech in episode 23 to appeal to the entire student body about how important Sakura Hall was to her and other students. The students sided with them to petition against destroying the building.
  • Episode 24 has Rita kissing Ryuunosuke (and Maid-chan!) full on the lips. Jin does the same to Misaki a while later. Jin then immediately tops it by returning the marriage registration form Misaki gave him a while back. Filled out. And then Mashiro and Sorata kiss... well they would have if Hikari hadn't intervened. Mashiro does kiss Sorata on the cheek though. Reservation for later, apparently.
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