Heartwarming / Scandal

Scandal the band

Scandal the TV series

  • The military boy coming out.
  • Olivia's You Are Not Alone kind speech to Amanda
  • Fitz's "Olivia... is the love of my life !".
  • Abby reminding Olivia of what kind of person she is - the kind who took a tire iron to Abby's abusive husband, sued the pants off him, got her a clean divorce, and gave her a job - and the call back to it at the end of the episode when Abby votes to help Amanda.
    Olivia Pope is a gladiator. I would follow you off of a cliff if you asked.
  • "One Minute"
  • In the season one finale, the whole team goes to bat for Quinn. Bitching the whole way, of course, but breaking federal and personal rules to rescue her.
  • In 2.02, Mellie Grant's heart-to-heart with the widow of a beloved religious leader who had been cheating on her. She clears the room, listens to the woman's confession that her upright husband had a mistress, and reveals that she knows exactly what the widow is going through.
  • In 2.03, "Hunting Season," Olivia and Huck's conversation at the end.
    No more walking alone to your car.
  • This conversation:
    Abby: You love me.
    David: I love you.
  • In the season 2 finale, when it looks like David Rosen is going to turn the Defiance data in to Billy Chambers, one of the worst monsters on the show. Turns out the whole thing was a Batman Gambit to engineer a taped confession out of him, and he gets appointed to a prestigious attorney position for his troubles.
    • Also in the season 2 finale, Olivia realises that leaving her employees to their own devices (and the demands her issues have placed on them) has turned them into Well Intentioned Extremists. The speech she gives Grant telling him why she can't leave them also qualifies for this trope.
  • In season 3's "We Do Not Touch The First Ladies," David gives an Anguished Declaration of Love over the phone to Abby while in the trunk of a car. Abby opens the trunk, saying she loves him too. Abby and Huck fake-kidnapped David to save him from kidnappers who thought he was someone else. It Makes Sense in Context.
  • In season 4's "No More Blood," Abby rants to David about how she didn't know about Olivia's kidnapping because she's "not a Gladiator anymore." She says how Olivia isn't just her best friend, she's her only friend. David prepares a drink for Abby and himself.
    David: She's not your only friend.
  • In "The Lawn Chair," both Jake and David are worried about Olivia stuck between a grieving father with a shotgun, the D.C. police, and protesters. Besides the obvious, they are concerned about her getting into such a dicey situation so soon after her kidnapping and international auction. But Huck and Quinn are confident in her because "It's Liv."
  • A meta-example in "Trump Card," when the Creator/Prince song "Delirious" played during the coverage of the bizarre presidential primaries. Shonda Rhimes said on Twitter how Prince's estate allowed the music to be used to honor the legendary singer.
  • In "Trump Card," David's "eye on the prize speech" ends up becoming an adorable Wacky Marriage Proposal to Susan. Her response is a Crowning Moment of Funny, but it's so sweet.
    Susan: "Ask me like a normal person."
    David: "Susan, will you marry me?"
  • White stepfather Michael practising hairstyles on a black doll in order to do his black stepdaughter Ella's hair. Later on, he refers to her as "our daughter" to Cyrus. Just like James, he absolutely adores that little girl.
  • During a scene in the Oval, Susan is sitting next to David. She finds out he's, once again, lied to her and stands up in disgust. Despite the fact they're running against one another, Mellie immediately offers the free seat next to her in a show of solidarity, and Susan sincerely thanks her and takes it.