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Heartwarming: Ryback
  • Many fans on the IWC noted that Ryback looked close to tears the instant John Cena dropped "FEED! ME! MORE!" as a way of acquiescing his title shot at Hell in a Cell to The Big Hungry; since his passion for the business is well-known, and how hard he had to battle back from his gruesome leg injury, and this was seen as Ryback finally realizing that he had made it to the big time.
    • Doubles as a Crowning Moment Of Awesome for Ryback, as he managed (with the camera focused right in on his face) to keep in character and continue to look like a feral Blood Knight instead of breaking kayfabe.
    • To top it off,years ago in Tough Enough, as Ryan Reeves, he stated that he wanted that WWE Contract more than anything in the world and that he wouldn't quit. 8 years later, he's at main event level. Must feel pretty good.
  • Wrestling in front of his hometown fans in Las Vegas on the 8/18/14 Raw, along with being showered with "FEED! ME! MORE!" and "RYBACK RULES!" chants. To play it up even more, Randy Orton teased a tag to him like a fellow wrestler would for a hometown babyface.
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