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Heartwarming: Rooster Teeth
If you're looking for Achievement Hunter's heartwarming moments, they are found here.

  • Fans of the series all know who Geoff is. He's Grif's voice actor, and he's well-known for being hard-drinking, hard-swearing, and having approximately seven million tattoos. Less well-known is that he's also married and has a young daughter who he loves very much. So when the recent Dead Island trailer came out with the little girl dying, everyone in the Rooster Teeth office told him not to watch it. He got 34 seconds in before he had to stop watching.
    • It also doubles as a CMOA / Take That, believe it or not. He then proceeded to get angry about it, at one point saying (after finding out the developers are Polish) "Maybe the people in Poland don't have a fucking heart."
  • The fact that, despite all the yelling, the guys all seem to be really good friends. Check out the behind the scenes stuff (especially some of the videos of Geoff's house while Gavin was living with him).
    • An example might be the crackers one.
    • Two of note would be a vid of Geoff, Griffon and Gavin daring each other to run through the thunder storm, and Griffon and Gavin's bet.
    • And Griffon and Gavin mixing all the alcohol in the kitchen to make a cocktail for Geoff.
  • Speaking of that, the video where Geoff says about having Gavin living with him (and his wife and daughter): 'It's like I'm a parent. I raise a 3 year old and a 20 year old'.
  • From Griffon's journal: 'Millie just listed the members of a typical family: a mommy, a daddy, a daughter, a Gav, a Ben, and an Uncle Buck.'
  • Burnie once nearly left his shotgun shells round Geoff's house. What did he do when he thought Millie could hurt herself with them? Rushed out of bed, drove there straight away and smashed the damn door down before he woke the house in order to get them moved away.
  • Geoff and Gavin's celebration when they finally managed the cabbage trick shot (after 334 attempts) was both hilarious and kinda heartwarming.
  • Michael and Lindsay is heartwarming on so many levels. Particularly their tweets to each other, one example of which can be found here.
  • On RT Podcast #180, Burnie asks Jack and Gavin after an argument if they legitimately dislike each other. Gav replies with an instant "I love Jack!" Jack agreed.
    • Jack has to frequently clarify to people that despite Gavin being a troll and occasionally a little irritating, they are good friends.
  • Anytime Joe the Cat pops up on video, the way the guys play with him is cute and hilarious. Case in point from the livestream: here. Even better, Gavin and Michael both call him "the perfect cat".
  • After Gavin posted a journal entry that proved something was quite clearly not right (it might have potentially been a mini-stroke), Barbara instantly commented on the entry asking if he was okay. A small example, but even so...
  • Lindsey staying up with Michael while he was in the ER. Michael says that it made the experience a lot more bearable, and in a moment of this trope mixed with Black Comedy, he told her to take a photo of it for the link dump, arguing that it would make an awesome "Funny Aneurysm" Moment. Of course it didn't, and things turned out fine.
  • Barbara sends a text to Burnie of a picture of her covered in blood and the message, "help me". He knows she's just screwing with him but he decides to check and make sure she's okay anyway. He called everyone who knows her until he finally gets a response.
  • Kerry and Chris journeying across New Zealand to relive the LOTR experience. Doubly so when they succeed.
  • Ray giving a Shout-Out to his dad for his birthday on the podcast, then doing the same for his mum in one of his community videos.
  • This tweet from Michael, plus all of the congratulatory tweets he gets in reply. Not to mention his follow-up tweet with a picture. Plus Barbara's tweeting "I want to favorite this until Twitter breaks".
  • Gavin and Geoff messing around in IKEA, with Griffon and (presumably) Mille laughing in the background.
  • The ten-year retrospective for Red vs. Blue and (to a bit of a lesser extent) Rooster Teeth as a whole. It starts off funny, with everyone joking around, but then they start getting serious and saying how amazing it is to be able to work at the company. The last couple minutes of the video are video clips and pictures of the crew from various events and such in the past, showing them all working and having fun together.
    • A slightly longer version was made of the AH bit, using several of their good moments and put into a video here.
  • The text accompanying this Tumblr post. Jack's heart is as big as his beard.
  • Kerry playing with Adam's dog, Rebel (about 20 seconds in).
  • Michael wishing Ray a happy birthday and thanking him for being in his life in one of his journal entries.
  • Everybody in the company in a group photo.
  • Michael talking about him and Lindsay in podcast #215 (about 54 mins in) is incredibly sweet. He was set to be single forever until he met her, at which point, in his words: "all right, this'll work."
    Michael: "It's like the perfect relationship [...] it's like hanging out with a buddy you like all the time."
  • The otherwise unseen Brian Behm (tech guy) tweeting a picture of himself and his newborn baby daughter.
  • The Rooster Teeth community uniting to try and find David "Knuckles Dawson" Dreger, a member who may have gone missing with possibly suicidal intentions. Everybody's reactions on the group page are both this and a Tear Jerker. Unfortunately, his body has been found. Nevertheless, the fact that the community united for so long and worked long and hard with his family is heartwarming, as well as sad. Later on, episode 2 of Red vs. Blue: Season 11 was dedicated to him.
  • Let's just say this- every time the RT guys tweet a loved one for birthdays, Mother's Day or Father's Day, it's heartwarming.
  • Gavin, Geoff, Griffin and Millie all going to an NBA game and having a genuinely good time.
  • On Podcast #231, Burnie admitted that when Jack was worried about having deep vein thrombosis, since Jack lives on his own, he would call Jack at 2am just to make sure he was okay. Burnie claimed he was compelled by his "employee protection instinct".
    • Similarly, Gavin told a story on the podcast about how he once got drunk and lost his keys but didn't want to wake anyone up to let him in and ended up spending the night in a shed in the rain. Burnie is shocked and immediately tells him never to do it again, and that Gavin can call him if it ever happens again.
  • Jack building the Tower of pimps for RTX 2013 with his dad.
    • Also crosses with Awesome since the Tower is to scale, making it a good 10 feet tall.
  • This one overlaps with the AH page, but Joel and Adam Ellis helped Jack propose to Caiti.
  • When Gavin narrowly secures the place for Team Achievement Hunter in The Gauntlet, Michael runs up to him, gives him a hug and proudly lifts him up into the air; beforehand, he and Ryan were cheering Gavin on. Similarly, when Team RT manage to stay in, they all get in a massive group hug, which even Gus partially joins in.
  • Gavin's Vitriolic Best Buds friendship with Meg Turney.
    • Which of course led to a full-fledged romantic relationship.
  • The entirety of the Extra Life event. The Rooster Teeth community raised over $183,000 for children's charity in those 24 hours.
    • Not to mention Jack breaking into tears after seeing all his hard work setting up the RT Extra Life event payed off.
  • After their team narrowly wins and escapes elimination, Miles and Jordan immediately go for a hug, and Miles and Barbara have a chest bump moment.
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