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Heartwarming: Rome
  • Rome has what must be one of the bloodiest Crowning Moment of Heartwarming possible. Lost and alone since leaving the 13th Legion, becoming a criminal and an assassin before being caught and sentenced to die, Titus Pullo is fighting for his life in the arena. Except he refuses to fight. He just sits there, telling the first three gladiators to kill him and be done with it as they poke him with their weapons... right up until one of them repeatedly insults the 13th Legion. Within seconds, Pullo disarms and kills all three before shouting "Thirteen! Thirteen!", then starts fighting more gladiators as they come out of the gate. Finally he's almost crippled, and about to be killed by the last gladiator. Little does Pullo know, his former commander and new friend Lucius Vorenus is watching in agony, knowing that Pullo (who despite their friendship has given Vorenus more than enough reason to hate him) is about to die. Just as the gladiator seems about to finish Pullo, Vorenus screams "THIRTEEN!" and charges into the arena grabbing a weapon. The last gladiator and Vorenus each wound each other several times until Vorenus slashes the gladiator's leg, and then... ''finishes'' him with his own weapon. Vorenus grabs Pullo and helps him out of the arena, as the crowd and even the arena guards chant "Pullo! Pullo! Pullo!"
  • Pullo and Vorenus have ended up supporting opposite sides in the Civil War, but it never affects their friendship. They can even take pride in their own "boy" being a success.
    Vorenus: Your boy's a little aggressive, isn't he?
    Pullo: My boy gave your boy a whipping. Expect he knows what he's going. (both grin and each other)
  • In a strange combination of 'heartwarming' and Nightmare Fuel, Vorenus' wife loves her husband too much to let him become a murderer for her sake... so she tries to Make It Look Like an Accident.
  • Agrippa's Anguished Declaration of Love to Octavia, in front of Atia.
    Agrippa: I'd tear down the sky, if you wanted me to.
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