Heartwarming / Rocky V

  • When Rocky is knocked down by Tommy, he sees a vision Mickey cheering him on:
    "Get up you son of a bitch...'cause Mickey loves ya!"
    • In the director's cut of the movie, it was actually Mickey's ghost capping off his encouragement with "COME ON, KID! Beat the shit outta him."
  • The alternate ending, where Rocky extends a forgiving hand to Tommy after beating him, and Tommy accepts it.
  • While we're glad Rocky's saga ultimately didn't end on such a down note, the credits roll set to Elton John's "The Measure of a Man" can definitely inspire some Manly Tears.
  • Tommy Gunn is just a bum who is young and talented, meekly seeking a chance to fight with Rocky's help. It's heart warming to see Tommy and Rocky connect through out the movie.
  • Despite being bullied and finally standing up to the bullies and knocking one out, Robert decided to ask them if they could be friends and not have any further problems. Next time we see them, they're laughing with each other.
  • After nearly losing Robert, Rocky has a heart to heart with him and apologizes greatly, and swears that he'll never neglect him ever again.
    Robert: ...home team?
    Rocky: Home team. *fist bump*
  • The ending seemed such a perfect end, where Rocky takes Robert to the museum as he reminisce about the past with him. This is followed by the credits sequence which includes image flash backs to the previous films.