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Heartwarming: Robin Williams
  • When Christopher Reeve (Whom Robin Williams went to school with) had his tragic accident, he was in a constant state of depression. One day, a man came in wearing scrubs and a blue hat, claiming to be a proctologist who was there to give him a rectal exam. It was Robin Williams, fresh off the set of his new movie. For the first time since the accident, Christopher Reeve laughed. Robin Williams went all that way for an old classmate.
  • The commercial that he and his daughter did for the Ocarina of Time remake. Did we mention his daughter's name is Zelda?
  • Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are practically the poster couple for They All Said We Never Could Be Happy. They've now been married 28 years. When Sharon had colon cancer and was at her most depressed, Ozzy asked Robin Williams, her favorite actor, to come and cheer her up—and he did.
  • When Robin Williams was young and breaking into show business, his father insisted he learn a trade, just in case this comedy thing didn't pan out. As a result, Williams is a certified welder. When he accepted his first Oscar, Williams mentioned his (now deceased) father's concerns in his acceptance speech. I got a big laugh, of course, but there was nothing insincere about Williams proudly holding his award aloft for his father to see.
  • Williams recorded all his voice work for Aladdin in the studio across the street from where they were filming Schindler's List, which is, of course, one of the most depressing movies of all time. At the end of every day, he would cross the street and cheer up the List cast and crew with his material.
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