Heartwarming / Rise

Rise Roleplay

  • Haken finally getting his dance with Kanade before the last mission. You can only feel happy for the guy.
  • Abraham's bonding with the team. How a broken, dying man finally saw some light and found friends he could trust is very touching.
  • The team the night before their attack on a Hydra prison to save Axel. People who lived through hell for years enjoy a little moment together, probably for the last time.
  • Julius suggesting they film a message for their famillies before the mission on Oasis. The results are surprising. Though Gyver's message turns into humour quite fast.
  • Haken and Ally's date after Brimstone. For the first time in years Haken finally gets some time where nobody's trying to kill him, there's a girl who loves him dearly at his side, and he even gets to see Hamlet on stage.
  • Aerion's speech to Haken about his name (Freeman) and the meaning of freedom, to which Haken (and his writer) could only applaud.
  • Most of the epilogues, if they don't border on Tear Jerker. Special mention to Haken who finally has a family with Aly, and got his first book published, Rise.
  • Amazingly, Earl's got some, even if fairly rare. In the Hell he showed he indeed cared for people close to him, as he wasn't only a killing machine. He saved Lara on Congo even though he could have easily killed Largo, against which he had a serious grudge. And later, after the Battle of Homeworld, Earl smiled, for once in his life he felt free, along with his Hellknights.
  • Rodrig, on ambassador duty, going to meet Autumn at her home on a remote planet and sharing a beer together under a tree. The fact that a massive and bloodthirsty cyborg dinosaur cared enough for a small human woman who grew up in a brothel fought together a few times and that 6 years later he still cared about her is truly heartwarming.
  • Tusco Keyes, after decades lost in time, reappears somewhere, sometimes, and finally meets his grandkids, without having known his own son, decided to redeem himself by looking after them.
  • Aerion sharing his last drink with Abraham, as he told him they would, by pouring it on his tomb.
    • Also, Aerion finally having his dream, becoming captain of a pirate ship and going on adventures.
  • Gyver willing to laugh a little about Krystal and Clyde's weird relationship, and Clyde awkward social behavior, only to be shot down by an unexpected heartful answer from Krystal: “Sometimes, I just want him... here, beside me.” That's when you know Krystal stopped to try to be the dangerous killer and actually consider a better life for herself...
  • Julius meeting back his sister on Karsol some times after the Reclaimer War, years after he exiled himself.