Heartwarming / Retro Game Master

  • The entire Northernmost Game Travelogue is strangely heartwarming. Something about the snow and the music choices, maybe?
    • Arino stops the car at one point when he sees a deer far off to the side of the road; as he walks to it, he discovers that the snow is knee-deep and calls in Toujima for help. Toujima comes to him... and he throws Toujima into the snow, throws snow at him as he gets up, and runs away... only to fall in the snow himself.
    • The DVD signing event in Wakkanai, where Arino turns the corner to find that 65 fans had been waiting for him out in the cold, many of which having even brought gifts with them. Arino, of course, signs an autograph for each and every one of them, and even Toujima gets asked for an autograph.
    • After three days and two nights, Arino finally finds the northernmost game in the northernmost arcade: a "Genie Family" slot machine. He gets permission from the hot springs that owns it to label it as the northernmost game.
  • At the end of the Game Center CX in the USA special, Arino, unfamiliar with the show's fanbase in America, thinks only about 50 or so people will show up to his scheduled appearance, even stating if only a few show up, he'd treat them to dinner. To make things even more uncertain, the meetup was announced only days in advance and his scheduled appearance was on a holiday. However, when he arrives at his destination, he is greeted by the sound of at least 150 fans chanting "Kacho!" What follows is a montage of Arino interacting with his American fans, including a cosplayer, and interviews with the fans asking what they think of Arino and the show in general.
  • After Satoru Iwata passed away, Arino sent out this tweet, explaining how to celebrate his legacy:
    Arino: Todayís a day for playing lots of games together as a family until you can play no more, only to do it all over again tomorrow. And as we do that, those games will light up our rooms. Thatís how it should be, we canít keep them in the dark because in my mind, more than anything, thatís what games are all about: keeping the house lit up.