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Heartwarming: Red Storm Rising
  • Edward's protection of Agustdottir. Which starts with a CMOA where he kills some Soviet troops who are about to rape her.
    • This makes a heartwarming moment from the other side all the more poignant later when a Soviet helicopter catches them off-guard while they're fishing. They pretend to simply be a local couple out fishing, and the Soviet pilot wistfully remarks that his father loves to fish. The pilot is also quietly happy to see that, amid all the madness of the war, an apparently happy couple can still enjoy themselves unaffected. When the helicopter turns to leave, a soldier riding in the back gives a friendly wave. It's a refreshingly human moment from the Soviets, especially given what other less-scrupulous Soviet troops had done to Vigdis earlier.
  • An American stealth bomber pilot and his co-pilot are shot down behind enemy lines and try to make their way back to NATO forces. The two are eventually made by a squad of Soviet troops just as they were on the home stretch. However, instead of shooting the two on the spot, the Soviet lieutenant in command embraces the pilot and gives the two directions back to NATO lines. Not wanting to push their luck, the two flyers don't ask questions. When they finally meet up with friendlies, they learn that the war had ended.

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