Heartwarming / Reaper

Heartwarming page for the light novel Reaper

  • Valdis takes a moment after her fight with Maeva to heal a small injury that Pax has. She even does it tenderly by kissing his wrist.
  • Valdis points out that Pax has a trouble expressing himself which offends Pax. The heart warming aspect is that he tells her he's more open with her than anyone else. It goes to show that even if Pax doesn't have romantic feelings for Valdis he certainly does care for her about her.
  • In most supernatural stories an entity is focused solely on their purpose or defining trait. It would make sense that Life being the entity that represents life would be solely focused on maintaining a balance between Life and Death. No, in this book he outright states that comes second to his wife. The reason Life performs a harsh punishment on the magicians is because they hurt the person he loved and not because they got in the way of his work. This troper found it refreshing and endearing that for once we have s god-like being who truly loves his wife.
  • As Pax is dying and sees his life flash before his eyes he thinks back on Valdis and those in his life. For a grim reaper Pax really valued the life he has and truly appreciates Valdis. His last thoughts were about how he wished he could just talk to her once more.
    • More to it. Pax thinks back to all his friends. At the end he even takes a moment to think about Sofi, who he just met, and sad that he couldn't help her.
  • Life and Death are an example of Opposites Attract. They are literal opposites but they are playful and loving with one another even if they still have some disagreements. The perfect example is at the end of the novel where they are reunited. The first thing they do is hold one another and kiss.
  • A subtle one, when the reapers are freed they are unable to save Pax. When he dies they clear a path for Valdis to take him. Valdis is the reaper of heroes, that was the reaper's subtle acknowledging that Pax was truly a hero to all of them. That's pretty good for a reaper like him.