!!''The Farseer Trilogy'':
* Burrich and Fitz mending their father-son relationship [[spoiler:after Nosy's revealed to be alive after all]].
* Fitz reassuring Verity of his belief in him. Verity mourns the fact that Chivalry is dead, and wishes that he could follow someone as self-assured and capable as his brother. When he asks Fitz if he's ever felt that way, Fitz only quietly looks at him and assures him that he does.
* All the glimpsed moments of Burrich taking care of his friend--[[spoiler:Molly and her baby, Nettle.]]
!!''The Tawny Man'':
* Most of the third book after ''Feathers in a Fool's Cap''. "Crowning" at one point.
* It can come off as heartwarming ([[spoiler:if you assume that by this point Fitz has damn well earned his happy ending]]) or as MoodWhiplash ([[spoiler:if you feel like everything settles down a little too conveniently for Fitz in the end.]])