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Heartwarming: Reading Rainbow
  • On May 28, 2014, LeVar Burton started a campaign on Kickstarter to bring back Reading Rainbow, hoping to raise $1 million within 35 days. In less than 12 hours, they hit the $1 million mark. And at present, they are exceeding $3 million, which shows how important Reading Rainbow has been to those who grew up with it.
    • After stalling after the first week at about 3 million, getting up to 4 million over the course of the next 3 weeks, Seth Mac Farlane offered to match dollar for dollar the next million dollars. This push was successful and, in all, the project banked more than $5.4 million and had the most individual backers of any Kickstarter project ever.
      • And the best thing about this? The money will be used to bring the app to not only as many platforms as possible, but also bring access to the app (and thus, literacy) to underfunded classrooms. You're doing the education system a favor by donating.
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