Heartwarming / Razors Edge

  • It would probably be cheating to just say the majority of the Tali/Shepard relationship is the crowning moments of heartwarming!
    • Also Garrus and Kasumi!

From Razor's Edge:

From Razor's Edge: Dark Witness:

From Razor's Edge: Requiem:
  • While still fighting off indoctrination on Utukku, Shepard is visited in his dreams by hallucinations of Alannah McGrath and Kaidan Alenko, who remind him that he needs to stop blaming himself for the casualties of war.
    Shepard: "You're telling me to let go."
    Ally: "You already moved on. Rescued a damsel and she returned the favor. But I know you still... ah... blame yourself... blame yourself for everything. You can't do it alone, Johnny. That turian... he told you that you're alone... but you're not. We'll always be here..."

    Kaidan: "She's right, you know, you're never alone. We followed you knowing the risks because we had faith. We knew that no matter what happened you would make sure that it counted for something."
    Shepard: "It only counts for something if we can stop the Reapers, Kaidan."
    Kaidan: "Then it sounds like to me the mission isn't over, sir."
    Shepard: "No, it's not."
  • How Kasumi comforts Tali after Utukku, by reminding her of how Keiji left her
    Kasumi: The last message Keiji ever left me told me that he wanted me to go on. To be happy once he was gone. He knew when he recorded it that he'd likely be dead within hours, but that was what mattered to him. To tell me to be happy because he loved me. If Shepard could have done so... I know his message to you would have been the same.
  • Thane comforting Tali during the siege of the Citadel while trying to talk her out of burying her emotions like Thane did after his wife died.
    Thane: "Only that the pain you feel is familiar to me. I know you wish to shut it out. To take revenge for his death. But I do not believe Shepard would have wanted that path for you. And as one who experienced it... I would agree."
  • Shepard taking some time to pet Urz after the battle for the Citadel. That section is seen from Urz's POV, and he's very happy to have his pack back together.
  • Tali and Shepard's Big Damn Kiss at the conclusion of the Rannoch arc.
  • The Now or Never Kiss between Garrus and Kasumi while on the hunt for Leviathan.