Heartwarming / Rain

  • Gavin and Rain finally finding something familiar from their childhood: the Fighter Frogs video game they used to play. They both spend the whole night trying (and failing) to beat it.
  • Rain and Emily together create alot of these:
    • In Chapter 6, Emily gets mad that Rain is also wearing an angel costume, but brushes it off with the comment that they're like sisters. Chapter 14 has Rain admit that she took that comment to heart when she's trying to get Emily to tell her about her pregnancy.
      Rain: Don't go, sis.
    • After getting approved for transition, Rain comes out to her and lets her be the first to know.
    • Chapter 23 features many of these for Emily, with her being a supportive Cool Big Sis to Rain, but two moments in particular come to mind:
      • After talking about her acceptance issues, Rain draws parallels between them pointing out how they're not so different. Emily agrees and has this to say:
        Emily: If I'm awesome, that means you are too~!
        Rain: Whaaat? No. It's just you!
      • The last page of the chapter where she hugs Rain after she wakes up crying from a horrible nightmare about her father.
    • And the heartwarming moments continue on in Chapter 24:
      • Rain and Emily are standing in a long line to see the author of Kaminari, but Emily starts feeling sick and has to go sit down. Faced with either leaving her pregnant friend alone or missing out on seeing her idol, she walks out of the line.
        Random Bystander: Whoa! Are you crazy? You're never going to meet Koizumi if you both get out now! Look how long the line has gotten.
        Rain: You're probably right. But some things are just more important.
      • Just how important? Well
      • Despite missing out on the main event Rain wanted to go to, she and Emily still have fun looking around the rest of the con.
      • No bad dreams tonight, okay?
  • Rudy asking out Rain.
  • Alkien admits that he doesn't understand Rain's dysphoria. He does, however, understand that she's happy, and decides that's good enough for him.
    Rain: Thank you, Big Bro.
    Alkien: I'm not sure what I did to deserve that, but you're welcome... Baby Sis.
  • Aiken in general. Despite his treatment of Rain and Jessica at first, he goes out of his way to have them meet because he thinks they can help each other. He takes full accountability for his mistakes and tries, and succeeds, at making things right with Rain, first and foremost because Family is important to him. He is even patient with Kellen when pointing out that she was wrong for cutting Rains hair, and remains neutral for the sake of both of his sisters. He has also implied he is still in love with Jessica despite everything, but is too ashamed to approach her.
  • The non canon (at least at the moment) image created by the author when gay marriage is legalized on a national level.
  • After a major Wham Episode that hit a little too close to home for some people, Jocelyn writes in her DeviantArt journal an apology, reassuring the readers that Rain will make it through this and this heartwarming message:
    Same goes for you, Rain Beaus. You are stronger than you may realize. Don't let anyone hold anything over you. And if you think you're alone, remember that we're ALL friends here. Myself and 2,000+ other people watching this page want to see you and everyone else here live positively in the way you want to.
  • Jessica and Heather learning their mutual secrets and accepting each other.
  • In the newest page, Chanel suggests that when the Kaminari anime comes out, she and everyone else watch it together before everyone potentially goes their separate ways. That's a sweet way to share a memory with everyone.
  • Against all expectations, Allison is surprisingly civil when she runs into Rain, even commenting how pretty she looks, which means a lot to Rain considering what she had been through recently.
    • Furthermore, Allison ends up helping most of Rain's problems in one fell swoop: apologizing for and repairing their failed friendship from the past, encouraging her to be able to confess to Emily, and most importantly, telling Rain that her short hair makes her look more femme, which, while she doesn't know the significance, definitely helped boost Rain's confidence.
    • She also fixes Rain's Your Make Up Is Running problem. If that doesn't cement her as a likable character, I don't know what will.
  • The ending of Chapter 28. After so much build up for so long, Rain and Emily finally admit their feelings for each other. They also admit their fears and insecurities about the future, especially with Emily's baby and the drama that would come with it. But they still believe there's a way to somehow make things work, ending with a Big Damn Kiss.
  • The last page of Ch. 32. After a whole day of feeling unfeminine, Channel has this to say after Rain uses a loophole to register her for the prom
    Channel: And I hope you don't still feel unfeminine...because honestly, you're the kind of woman I aspire to be.