Heartwarming: Rain

  • Gavin and Rain finally finding something familiar from their childhood: the Fighter Frogs video game they used to play. They both spend the whole night trying (and failing) to beat it.
  • Rain and Emily together create alot of these:
    • In Chapter 6, Emily gets mad that Rain is also wearing an angel costume, but brushes it off with the comment that they're like sisters. Chapter 14 has Rain admit that she took that comment to heart when she's trying to get Emily to tell her about her pregnancy.
      Rain: Don't go, sis.
    • After getting approved for transition, Rain comes out to her and lets her be the first to know.
    • Chapter 23 features many of these for Emily, with her being a supportive Cool Big Sis to Rain, but two moments in particular come to mind:
      • After talking about her acceptance issues, Rain draws parallels between them pointing out how they're not so different. Emily agrees and has this to say:
        Emily: If I'm awesome, that means you are too~!
        Rain: Whaaat? No. It's just you!
      • The last page of the chapter where she hugs Rain after she wakes up crying from a horrible nightmare about her father.
  • Rudy asking out Rain.
  • Alkien admits that he doesn't understand Rain's dysphoria. He does, however, understand that she's happy, and decides that's good enough for him.
    Rain: Thank you, Big Bro.
    Alkien: I'm not sure what I did to deserve that, but you're welcome... Baby Sis.