Heartwarming / Queen

  • The 1992 Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert.
    • "God Save The Queen" was played at the end of every Queen concert, but at the end of the tribute concert, which showed a clip of Freddie in royal costume, it was as through Freddie was posthumously thanking the fans for their adoration and loyalty.
  • The very optimistic tone of "The Miracle," in which the lyrics describe all the great things that have happened in the world. The ending is also very heartwarming.
    That time will come,
    One day you'll see,
    When we can all be friends
    • Especially heartwarming when you consider that Freddie wrote it at a point when he knew full well his fate was sealed.
    • "Was It All Worth It?" is mostly Freddie asking just that, listing all the things he'd done in his life as a rockstar. Towards the end, Freddie proudly proclaims "Yes, it was a worthwhile experience! Ha Ha Ha!"
  • And Google's tribute to Freddie's 65th birthday on 2011, via putting up a flash with nice Freddie images to the tune of "Don't Stop Me Now". See it on Youtube.
  • You're my Best Friend, period. Even better in that John Deacon wrote it for his wife, and it became a top ten single.
  • "Friends Will Be Friends", full stop.
    Friends will be friends,
    When you're in need of love, they give you care and attention,
    Friends will be friends,
    When you're through with life and all hope is lost,
    Hold out your hand cos friends will be friends right till the end.
  • When Bohemian Rhapsody won the award for Best Video From A Film at the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards for its use in Wayne's World, Brian May, who accepted with Roger Taylor, remarked how Freddie would have loved seeing their song used like it was in the movie. And there's a solid confirmation that he did, indeed.
  • A sneeze and you miss it moment near the end of the Headlong video has the band lying on shelves. Bryan, Roger and John say the lyric "So Strong" while an obviously very ill Freddie lies quietly on his shelf.
  • "These Are the Days of Our Lives". One of the last songs recorded by Freddie Mercury, it takes the perspective of a man looking back at the past and getting a glowing nostalgia from the good times. There's some tearjerker connotations as Freddie was looking back knowing he was about to die but there's something so warm about the lyrics "When I look and I find I still love you", especially combined with the serene music of the song. When Freddie died it got released with a re-release of "Bohemian Rhapsody" and hit the top spot in the UK. A fitting epitaph for the man.
  • "No-One But You" had initially been written for Brian May's Heroes project, a solo album in which he praised those who had influenced him as an artist, and it was meant to finish off with him paying homage to his greatest hero, Freddie. The project was eventually scrapped but he did include some covers on Another World (a Hendrix song and a Mott song he'd done for parallel efforts) and No-One But You was given the (almost) Queen treatment and released on Queen Rocks.