Heartwarming / QI

  • In Series B, Episode 12, Alan doesn't want to do a round of General Ignorance because he always gets them wrong and doesn't want to look like a fool on Christmas. Cue Stephen giving him the host's chair and getting nearly every question wrong.
  • In series D, Episode 6, Alan wins his first episodenote . Cue delighted expression from Alan and Stephen saying how proud he was.
  • In Series I, Episode 11 "Infantile", a question regards how long should the perfect hug last. Inevitably, everyone started hugging everyone else and it was actually rather sweet.
  • In Series K, Episode 14, a klaxon goes off for "Santa isn't real", and Phil Jupitus stands up to face the screen and drops to his knees in mock-despair. Then Stephen says in the most comforting fatherly tone, "But Phil, that got a klaxon, so it can't be true", which would be heartwarming in itself. Phil then running up to Stephen with a childlike gait and hugging him tightly takes it Up to Eleven.
  • During filming of Series L, Stephen was asked to deliver a marriage proposal on behalf of an audience member. Everyone involved seems to have been very pleased, including the couple, Stephen and the people in the box, who said in commentary that they were ready with the klaxon in case of the wrong answer.
  • After all the people complaining about Sandi Toksvig taking over as host, Alan's comment that Sandi is 'in the right chair' is quite sweet.