Heartwarming: Pulp Fiction

  • When Butch, having escaped from some rapists, decides to go back and save Marsellus from them. Even though Marsellus is a mob boss who was out to kill him less than a hour ago (and nothing guarantees that he won't keep trying to do the same afterwards).
    • Marsellus's reaction to the rescue has a subtle example: when Butch asks, "Now what?" Marsellus goes into a rant about the agony that awaits the rapists. When Butch clarifies that he meant between the two of them, Marsellus takes a second to remember that they had been trying to kill each other prior to the rapists interfering and promptly tells Butch that they are even (so long as they never see each other again).
  • When Butch throws a shit fit over the missing watch, causing poor Fabienne to crawl into a corner and cry, Butch immediately goes to her and shifts the blame from her to him. Even though he doesn't really believe that (he goes back to ranting about her mistake while driving alone), he clearly knows he's frightened her and manages to soothe her psyche.
  • Being high as a kite and overdosing unpleasantness aside, the outing between Vincent and Mia is quite sweet. Vincent, scared of the idea of being out with her after hearing what happened to Tony Rocky Horror, is adamant to Jules he's going to be indifferent to Mia, but is charmed by her over the course of dinner. There's a sense of tenderness when their crazy night is over and he holds her hand in agreement never to share the events with Marsellus, then blows a kiss to her departing figure.
  • Yolanda's panicking when Jules holds Ringo at gunpoint makes you realize just how much she cares about him. And when Jules allows them to leave peacefully, they both leave clutching each other like they're about to burst into tears.
  • Although it's Played for Laughs, the fact that Jules and The Wolf actually really seem to care about cleaning up the mess before Bonnie gets home, and therefore saving Jimmie's marriage, is really quite sweet.
  • Jules' Heel Realization: "But I'm trying, Ringo. I'm trying real hard to be the shepherd."
    • And he lets Yolanda and Ringo go.