Heartwarming / Promethean: The Created

  • The chapter-opening fiction in Magnum Opus are the diary entries of Zo Malak, an Ulgan who somehow managed to form a stable relationship with a human... only to lose him when a Centimani arch-nemesis of hers killed him and left his body for her to find. At the start of the second chapter, she recounts a letter from the Osiran Dr. Brine, suggesting that her lover was any number of supernatural creatures. The heartwarming part is at the end:
    "But at the end, he suggests that perhaps he was just a man, a man strong-willed enough to love without prejudice.
    "And in this I find hope for the doctor yet."
  • Although the story of Hendaid Bain in Magnum Opus is mostly sad (an Osiran creates a Promethean crow, who has all the usual Promethean issues on top of being a goddamn sentient crow), the last line to refer to the creator is an understated happy ending:
    "Afterwards, he went deep into the cave, and after a while he went down the mountain to a village of people, and they let him stay there."