Heartwarming / Promethean: The Created

  • Even by World of Darkness standards, this game is depressing; you play as revived corpses, who travel the world desperately trying to become human, while their powers turn the world against them. But the tone is ultimately optimistic; players are encouraged to fight for a happy ending. A quote from the Refinement of Iron, who study combat and strength, on the Refinement of Gold, who try to emulate the humans that hate and fear them:
    Do what you need to do. Nothing will harm you, my brother.
    • And if you ever wonder if a Promethean's pilgrimage is really worth it, there's this little story at the end of a chapter about a driver who casually, and just because he wants to help, picks up a battered and confused man to lead him to the hospital, not understanding why the man seems so baffled by this act of generosity. It's pretty clear he actually picked up a Promethean who finally managed to reach the New Dawn and to become a real human. The story ends with the driver looking in his rear mirror only for seeing the man smiling and opening his arms for welcoming the rays of the sun.
  • The chapter-opening fiction in Magnum Opus are the diary entries of Zo Malak, an Ulgan who somehow managed to form a stable relationship with a human... only to lose him when a Centimani arch-nemesis of hers killed him and left his body for her to find. At the start of the second chapter, she recounts a letter from the Osiran Dr. Brine, suggesting that her lover was any number of supernatural creatures. The heartwarming part is at the end:
    "But at the end, he suggests that perhaps he was just a man, a man strong-willed enough to love without prejudice.
    "And in this I find hope for the doctor yet."
  • Although the story of Hendaid Bain in Magnum Opus is mostly sad (an Osiran creates a Promethean crow, who has all the usual Promethean issues on top of being a goddamn sentient crow), the last line to refer to the creator is an understated happy ending:
    "Afterwards, he went deep into the cave, and after a while he went down the mountain to a village of people, and they let him stay there."
    • The Firestorm Chronicle Fiction Anthology reveals that Hendaid Bran finally got his happy ending too-a pair of Prometheans decided to help him with his lack-of-hands problem when creating progeny (human progeny, which means his child will be much less miserable than him by default), and he underwent the New Dawn to become a perfectly normal crow.
  • In the 2nd edition Tammuz section, the highlight fiction features a mine boss coming to the defense of Clay, a Tammuz who has joined the team of miners, speaking of all the good things that Clay has done for his team. Yes, it does involve the boss punching a man who harrassed Clay and describing him as "a freak, but our freak", but it highlights just how much Disquiet has weakened between editions that something like this is even possible.
  • Also from 2nd edition, we have the note "Hakan's Ramble". In it, a Promethean is saying good-bye to his Throng... because he is giving up the Pilgrimage so that they, one called Dorothea especially, may survive and see their New Dawn. The group was being chased by Pandorans, and because he didn't intend to die, knowing he couldn't fight them off, Hakan, in his words, gives up his soul and departs, with the words that he loves them all so much. This is also a tearjerker, however, as this is the preceding excerpt before the chapter on Pandorans and the Refinement of Flux, giving the reader insight into just what he meant by giving up his soul.
  • Even in First Edition, where Disquiet was truly horrific, there were statements that, every so often, human spirit and kindess wins through, and a Promethean can make a new friend, however briefly. A Shout-Out to the blind character from various adaptations of Frankenstien who shows the monster compassion, because he cannot see how twisted the creature is, but a true Hope Spot nevertheless.
  • Just the fact that, not only is Promethean the only game line with a definitive endpoint for its characters, that end point is to become human. Humans are the prey, the chew toy, the butt-monkeys of the World of Darkness, at the mercy and whim of all sorts of supernatural monsters. And yet Prometheans see in them something worth becoming.
  • The story of the Scion kid, born of a Promethean mother. He's wise beyond his years, and immune to Disquiet. After losing their Throng members, the mother became very protective of him. And then one day, he ran away from home, leaving a message that basically says that he loves his Promethean mother, but he realizes that he is holding her Pilgrimage back. So he ran away, hoping the mother would continue on her Pilgrimage, and then one day, once she has reached the New Dawn, they would meet again. The mother reacted poorly to this, but ultimately agreeing that the boy was right. It's as heartbreaking as it is heartwarming.