Heartwarming / Princess Celestia Gets Mugged

  • Luna woke up during the day to spend it reconnecting with her subjects...but when she sees how stressed out Celestia is from dealing with the stubborn, narcissistic nobility, she instead tells Celestia to take the day off and let her take care of the Day Court. Of course this leads to Celestia being kidnapped, but given Celestia is just playing along with the kidnappers For the Lulz, that doesn't take away from the heartwarming.
  • Luna's reaction to finding out her sister was kidnapped is to go into a protective rage and worry about her. Sure, Celestia is a Play-Along Prisoner and the kidnappers are more a threat to themselves than to Celestia, but it's the thought that counts.
  • The kidnappers getting jobs in the castle after being pardoned by Celestia and Luna. Now part of Ms. Fallow's job is to help sent relief to the poorer areas of Canterlot to ensure no one makes the mistakes they made.
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