Heartwarming: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

  • Any time the show's theme song plays in a scene, you're bound to get either this or a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • Act 10 Usagi had run away from home due to an argument with her mother. At the end of the episode she barges into the kitchen and immediately flings her arms around her mother. Her mother doesn't bat an eyelid in the slightest and just smiles, knowing that Usagi would have come home eventually. Usagi's brother even asks why she isn't being scolded but the two just ignore him and start making dinner together.
  • Makoto sees Rei being taken away from the temple and follows her to a hotel. She even assaults the bodyguards outside the door to get in. Rei wasn't in any trouble but when Makoto says she thought she'd been kidnapped, Rei realises that Makoto had come to save her. She doesn't quite know what to make of this, having never had any friends before.
    • Mako running through the hotel pushing Rei on the service cart. It's probably the most carefree we've ever seen Rei.
  • Usagi is delighted when Ami starts calling her by her first name at last. And she's even happier when she realises that her friends are referring to Ami by her first name too.
  • Act 28-The Reunion
  • Act 29 - the girls are celebrating getting Ami back by throwing a party at Crown. Usagi and Ami sing karaoke with Makoto dancing along...and Rei joining in. One of the most adorable moments ever.
  • In an early episode Minako is forced by circumstance to spend the day with Usagi. Initially annoyed by her, Minako eventually has fun she hasn't had before.
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