Heartwarming / Prep and Landing

  • A redetermined Wayne's "World of Cardboard" Speech to convince Santa to not abort the visit at Timmy's.
    Wayne: "Sir, there's a child here that's really excited for you. We cannot let him down! I can land you safely. I have a plan. And there is time. Please sir, let me do my job. I can't let Timmy down!"
    • Even sweeter is that Santa's response is "I was hoping you'd say that!". Santa really didn't want to go through with Figgy Pudding, and he was genuinely counting on Wayne to find a way.
  • Lanny's explanation as to why Prep and Landing is the most tinsel job ever.
    Wayne: Look, Tree Skirt. We are just tiny ornaments on some gigantic tree, slaving away, all for what?
    Lanny: "For what?" For him! Just look at this face, Wayne! Just imagine the joy on his face tomorrow morning! Imagine all the great memories he'll pass onto his children, and his children's children...
  • In the Secret Santa short, the revelation that the top secret mission Mrs. Claus sent the elves on was to retrieve the last remaining piece of the first toy Santa Claus ever made. She wanted to restore it and give him a truly special Christmas present. The sheer emotion heard in W. Morgan and Betty's voices makes it work. Even Lanny is tearing up.
  • Wayne and Noel's reconciliation in Naughty vs Nice.
    Wayne: "You know, Captain Avalanche is nothing without Snowball. Never was, never will."
    Noel: "You got that right."
    Wayne: "I'm sorry, Noel. Jingle bam?"
    Noel: "Jingle bam."