Heartwarming / Pooh's Grand Adventure

"I'll always be with you."

Pooh's Grand Adventure has plenty of moments that reduce your heart to mush.
  • The Gorge scene is a series of these in spite of the danger. First, when Tigger is trapped and can't muster the confidence to even try to bounce, Pooh is constantly trying to encourage him. When Pooh falls in, Piglet (who earlier bemoaned his complete lack of courage) leaps after him without any hesitation. When the small root that Piglet is holding onto breaks, Rabbit then leaps in also without any hesitation, completely abandoning the map in the process. It's especially poignant with Rabbit when you think about the fact that he'd just sung a song that basically was all about praising the map and highlighting its importance. But when his friends are in trouble, all thought about that small piece of paper leaves Rabbit and he doesn't even think for one second about trying to hold onto it if it'll impede his attempt to save his friends.
    • Tigger taking Pooh's hand and his grip tightening as he holds on for dear life when the log falls.
  • Say what you want about the other songs, but "Wherever You Are" has the tendency of bringing tears to your eyes. The relationship between Pooh and Christopher Robin is so undeniably pure that you can't help but admire it.
    • Also, at the end of the song, when Rabbit gives a sleeping Pooh the map as a blanket. From him, it is moving to tears.
    • The end credit version of the song performed by Vonda Shepard & Barry Coffing is also heartwarming & tearjerking; it gives you tears of happiness and sorrow.
  • It's extremely subtle, but the small friendship between Eeyore and Piglet. It's quite heartwarming to see Piglet walking and holding onto Eeyore's tail, and then the two huddled together while they sleep.
  • The gang overcoming their various flaws in order to get to Christopher Robin, all in the name of Pooh, who at this point they think is dead.
    • The utter dedication they all have to each other in their Darkest Hour, whether they were Vitriolic Best Buds like Tigger and Rabbit or somewhat distant friends like Eeyore and Rabbit, is heartwarming. Especially when the gang helps Rabbit up after he nearly falls into an abyss in Skull or when the others pull Eeyore up to the Eye of Skull.
  • When Pooh gets trapped all alone in the cave, simply remembering Christopher Robin's voice is enough to cheer him up.
    • Once he'd been trapped, he immediately tries to escape so he can try to help his friends.
  • Once the other four are reunited in the crystal caverns of Skull, Piglet happily exclaims his friends' names, delighted to be reunited with them.
  • The group reuniting with Christopher Robin, believing they've succeeding in finding and saving their friend after overcoming their vices. Christopher Robin also pets Eeyore's head.
  • Pooh finally reuniting with Christopher Robin.
  • "Everything Is Right", showing the gang's happy, safe return home and bidding farewell to each other (which almost feels like they're waving goodbye to the audience after taking such a harrowing, epic journey with them).
  • When Pooh and Piglet are being carried away by the butterflies, Pooh drops the honey pot, and Tigger immediately bounces to catch it before it hits the ground, knowing how important it is to Pooh.
  • When Rabbit breaks down and admits he has gotten them lost, the others are looking on with sadness. Tigger's expression is especially sweet, as he looks so understanding and sympathetic.
  • The film isn't that known in the mainstream media, but the Arc Words from Christopher Robin are among the most well-known and beloved Winnie the Pooh quotes out there, even if they are mistakenly attributed to A.A. Milne.
  • The ending of the film, in which Pooh and Christopher Robin reflect on their adventures apart from each other. Christopher Robin says that when he didn't feel smart, brave, or strong enough, he'd think of Rabbit, Piglet, and Tigger respectively. But when he felt alone, he thought of Pooh. The scene then transitions into perhaps the best adaptation of the ending of the original Milne stories, in which Pooh promises that he will always be with Christopher Robin, forever and ever. The film then zooms out as the narrator explains that we will always find them in the Hundred Acre Wood, dusk having fallen, and Pooh and Christopher Robin remain on the hill embracing as the film ends.