Heartwarming / Pokémon: Zoroark: Master of Illusions

  • Near the end, when Zorua and Zoroark are finally reunited. Zoroark is still weak but she dosen't let that stop her.
    Zorua: I knew you were strong Meema.
    • And when the pair finally hug? Total cuteness.
  • How about during the ending credits, when Zorua and Zoroark finally catch a ship back to Unova?
  • Team Rocket's small speech in the end, about how not knowing the future makes life a party, was also pretty sweet.
  • The closing shot of the film, featuring Ash, Brock, Dawn, and all their Pokémon standing on the edge of a cliff looking forward to a new day. Considering this was the final Diamond & Pearl film, it's a great note to end on.