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Heartwarming: Pokémon Origins
  • Cubone reuniting with its mother. Also doubles as a Tear Jerker.
    • When Red uses the Silph Scope, it is finally revealed why Marowak was chasing people away. She was trying to protect them, because Team Rocket was still occupying the tower. A common belief before this was she had become embittered towards humanity—turns out the opposite was true.
    Marowak: *Upon having its true form uncovered* Leave this place! They are still here!
  • Giovanni vowing to end Team Rocket and atone for his crimes after his Gym battle with Red. The scene where he remembers how he felt about Pokemon as a child is even more heartwarming for viewers who grew up with the original games.
    Giovanni: There was a time where I, like this boy, was obsessed with Pokemon. Those were different times. Where business and money didn't come before Pokemon. I feel like I've become that boy from long ago.
    • The best part? Turns out Giovanni's very first Pokémon was a Charmander.
  • When Red's Mega Charizard X attacks Mewtwo, Red has a brief moment where he sees his old Charmander fighting in Mega Charizard X's place, and you realize just how long they've been together and how much they've been through together.
    • Red's dialogue from the scene really nails it home.
      Red: Charmander, we've come so far together...
  • The fact that Pokemon Origins even exists at all. Great tribute to the 90's kids who played the games from the start.
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