Heartwarming / Plume

  • Vespers utter delight at seeing her dad again. She runs out of the house barefoot and tackles him.
  • Corrick's little freakout when Vesper takes off the amulet. Also, the fact that they agree he'll stay and protect her anyway, just because he wants to.
  • Vesper: You were with me all those years ago?
    Corrick: Yes.
  • Magnus implying that his reason for searching for the book of magic is not personal gain, but attempting to bring Corrick back to normal and break his dependance on the amulet. Corrick seems to realize this and looks to be on moved by this.
  • Tegan still staying with Vesper after three months of the girl single-mindedly attempting to save Corrick. As someone in the comment section put it, never let this kind of a friend go.