Heartwarming / Planes, Trains and Automobiles

  • The incredibly touching ending, where Neal takes Del home for Thanksgiving after learning that he is homeless and alone, and his wife has actually been dead for eight years. There's a strong hint that perhaps, after so many years of hopeless drifting, things may be about to turn around for Del.
    • Neal reuniting with his wife, who was close to tears when she has no idea where her husband was or if he was coming home and finally cries when they embrace.
  • After angrily forcing Del to sleep in the burned-out wreck of a car on a winter night, Neal looks out the window at him from his hotel room, realizes that he's going to freeze to death if he does, and invites him in, no questions asked. The two then spend the evening bonding while getting wasted on the mini bar.
  • Del's rebuttal to Neal's "The Reason You Suck" Speech, probably one of the best ever, especially because some of it is clearly John Candy himself speaking and not the character. It's even more of a gut-punch when he later reveals his wife is dead, and he's been reduced to the life of a homeless wanderer.