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Heartwarming: Planes, Trains and Automobiles
  • The incredibly touching ending where Neal takes Del home for Thanksgiving after learning that he is homeless and alone, and his wife has actually been dead for years. There's a strong hint that perhaps, after so many years of hopeless drifting, things may be about to turn around for Del.
  • Also, the scene in which Neal finally gets a room on the way back home, but Del does not, and appears to be forced to sleep in the burned-out wreck of a car on a winter night. Neal comes out, says to Del, "You're gonna freeze to death out there," and lets him come in to share the room. Big Awwwww moment right there.
    • Followed by them getting snockered on the room's various whiskey samples, in a great piece of male bonding.
  • Del's rebuttal to Neil's "The Reason You Suck" Speech definitely deserves mention. It's probably the best rebuttal to any Reason You Suck Speech ever.
    • And makes it even more of a gut-punch when he later reveals his wife is dead, and he's been reduced to the life of a homeless wanderer.

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