-->'''TV Tropes''': [[RunningGag Aren't you a little]]...''[[RunningGag cartoony]]'' [[RunningGag to be making the audience cry]]?

-->'''Phineas''': Well...[[HeartwarmingMoments apparently]] [[SubvertedCatchphrase not]].[[quoteright:300:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/300px-800px-Group_hug_8427.jpg]]

Examples from [[TheMovie The]] [[WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerbTheMovieAcrossThe2ndDimension Movie]] [[Heartwarming/PhineasAndFerbTheMovieAcrossThe2ndDimension go here.]]

* Some of the songs such as "Come Home, Perry" or "You Snuck Your Way Right Into My Heart" definitely count.
* Actually, the entire show is a great CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming... Think about it, the fact that this is a mixed family is a non-issue entirely. And by design of the creators, no one is a [[JerkAss complete jerk]] or [[YouSuck an idiot]]. (Except [[BrattyHalfPint Suzy]].)
** Well, not even Suzy, if you think about it. It's pretty clear that the only person she's consistently mean to is Candace, who she views as a rival for her brother's affections. It's not exactly a redeeming trait, especially since all we really see of Suzy is scenes of her being [[DisproportionateRetribution unnecessarily cruel to Candace]], but it's still at least understandable to some degree.
*** Turns out Suzy's only horrible to people when Jeremy's nearby, since it allows her to [[ManipulativeBastard manipulate him into doing what she wants him to do]]. When she's [[PunchClockVillain off the clock]], she and Candace actually hit it off pretty well. It's kinda cute in a sick, twisted way.
*** In fact, in the episode where we find this fact out ("[[StealthPun Suddenly Suzy]]"), she actually coaches Candace how to not only get her way, but to get her brothers to bust ''themselves!'' [[spoiler:Granted, it doesn't work, but still...]]
*** Suzy finally gets served when hit with Dr. Doofenshmirtz's truth ray. And no one believes she's evil even with the ominous choir in the background.
* Just about anytime Phineas and Ferb use their inventions and skills to help others out, not ''just'' to have fun. Shows that even at their young age, they don't have to be [[ReedRichardsIsUseless useless]] all the time. In "The Doonkelberry Imperative", they even brilliantly come up with a solution to make peace within Drusselstein ''and'' allow doonkelberries to be exported from there once more. (Unfortunately, the peace only lasts until the Drusselsteinians decide to name a day after Phineas and Ferb and find that they cannot agree on what to call it.)
* Phineas constantly naming their creations or big ideas after Ferb. Considering how much Ferb is sort of unnoticed by everyone[[note]]Candace showing more affection towards Phineas, Candace usually just screaming for Phineas when she's in mortal peril, no one giving him any credit to being the lower half of the Beak. It's not really intentional as his quietness makes him somewhat easy to overlook and Ferb isn't really the attention type anyway but one does feel injustice for him[[/note]], it really says how much Phineas loves Ferb. It's almost as if he's saying "See this gigantic thing we built today? Named after Ferb. Don't you dare overlook him!!" with every creation named after his green-haired step-brother.
* Similarly, anytime Phineas introduces Candace to a crowd, he always prefaces it with "My sister, Candace." He wants you to know that she's his sister, because he thinks she's awesome.
* Any time Candace gets along with her brothers, or even Perry. To her, the boys may be a bother,but they are her little brothers. Plus Candace will occasionally [[PetTheDog pet the platypus]], despite her distaste for Perry's apparent blandness.
* The fact that the boys usually try to include Candace in their schemes by building her her own chariot/rocket/suit/whatever. She almost never joins in (willingly), but they always make sure that she can if she wants to. And whenever she does join in it's evident that they really enjoy spending time with her.
* Doofenshmirtz's whole relationship with his daughter, Vanessa. He absolutely adores her, and despite being frequently embarrassed by him she loves him as well, and as the show goes on their relationship steadily improves to the point where [[spoiler: she's the one who convinces him to give up being evil.]]
* Sort of a Fridge Heartwarming: compare Buford and Baljeet when we first meet them to how they are at the end of the series. Buford starts out as a generic bully whose only friend is a goldfish, and Baljeet is so shy and timid he can barely muster up the nerve to speak. By the end, they've not only become each other's best friend and part of a close-knit group of life-long friends, but are both much happier, healthier, and more confident individuals, all because Phineas and Ferb decided to reach out to them.
* Doofenshmirtz and Perry's relationship, especially as it progresses throughout the show. While it may seem like they're mortal enemies, they're actually very good friends. All the fighting that takes place is really [[PunchClockVillain more part of their jobs]] than actual hatred for each other.


[[folder:Season 1]]
[[AC: Rollercoaster]]
* After the rollercoaster ride is over, we get this exchange:
-->'''Isabella:''' It really was the coolest coaster ever. You guys make a great team.
-->'''Phineas:''' Well, a brother is a brother. But I couldn't have asked for a better one than Ferb. You know what I mean?
** Made extra sweet when you consider the fact that they're only ''step''brothers, but they're just too good of friends to really care about that.

[[AC: Flop Starz]]
* Jeremy encouraging Candace to sing onstage, as well as Candace actually getting into the song and realizing for a few moments that her brothers aren't the nuisances she'd thought they were after all. Then it's cut short pretty abruptly by Phineas announcing it's their last show...

[[AC: Candace Loses Her Head]]
* Candace is exasperated to see what her brothers are up to ''this'' time as usual, when it turns out they remodeled Mt. Rushmore to include a bust of Candace. Candace's face goes from shock to teary-eyed joy.
** And then she frantically tries to show it to her mom -- not to try to bust her brothers as usual, but to show her what a beautiful job they did. It got destroyed by lava but still.

[[AC: Get That Bigfoot Outta My Face]]
* Phineas calling Candace "My favorite camp counselor" while he brings her a drink.

[[AC: Jerk De Soleil]]
* Perry periodically leaving his mission just to participate in his part of the circus act.

[[AC: It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World]]
* It's brief, but [[spoiler:after Candace wins the monster truck rally]], her (step)dad hugs her and says he's very proud of her. Aww...
* The boys organizing the whole thing to help Candace build confidence while she learns how to drive.

[[AC: Mom's Birthday]]
* Candace is trying to do something special for Linda's birthday, but at first, Phineas and Ferb (unintentionally) show her up (she tried to deliver breakfast in bed, ''they had an '''omelet station'''''). Then, Doofenshmirtz's latest scheme ruins her plan to get Mom a sundress (moths eat it) and play a song she wrote (all her instruments are shrunken into nothingness). Phineas and Ferb's final gift was a video tribute to their Mom, ending with footage of Candace practicing the song... which leads Candace, Phineas, and Ferb to go on stage and perform together. Awwwww...
* When Candace slips into her parents' bedroom to try to give her mom a birthday breakfast in bed, we see that Linda is sleeping with a picture of Lawrence while he's out of town. Totally cute, and massive amounts of awwwww...
* What? No mention that this is the first time Candace pets Perry? Considering how she usually insults him in several episodes later.
--> '''Candace:''' Oh, hey, Perry. (With a smile, she kneels down to pet him) Where have you been? You missed all the fun.
--> '''Perry:''' (chatters)

[[AC: Tree to get Ready]]
* Candace being genuinely pleased and impressed by the boys' tricking out her treehouse and then her and Stacey spending the day having fun with them and really getting into the spirit of summer.

[[AC: Journey to the Center of Candace]]
* Doofenshmirtz builds a device that will destroy anybody that can't make up their mind. Immediately, Perry has a flashback to earlier that morning, when Phineas and Ferb couldn't make up their minds about that day's project. Less than ten seconds later, [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome he has Doof shackled to a pipe and is calling in backup]]. It just shows how much Perry loves his owners.
* Jeremy getting a sandwich named after Candace.
* Candace getting the honor of eating the first Jeremy sandwich. It gets scarfed by Isabella's dog, but at least she got to wolf the grilled cheese from before down.

[[AC: Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together]]
* Lawrence forgets his and Linda's wedding anniversary. When he tells their kids about the time they first kissed at a concert, they decide to surprise their parents by getting the band back together to do a special concert for them. The scene of Linda and Lawrence kissing at the end is very touching -- as is the fact that all three kids worked together on it, when Candace is usually the antagonist.
* The second Ferb senses that there's so much as a ''possibility'' of Bobbi ruining his parent's anniversary by not showing up, he prepares to wail him over the head in order to ''guarantee'' that they're happy. Doesn't get much more Heartwarming than that!
* [[MadScientist Dr. Doofenshmirtz]] tries to throw [[MadScientistsBeautifulDaughter his teenage daughter]] Vanessa a birthday party, but she flies into a rage because he secretly invited all her Goth friends to a party designed for a five-year-old girl. (Something he has apparently done every year previous, to her great annoyance.) When Doofenshmirtz accidentally destroys everything (and gets blown up himself), Vanessa shows appreciation for what he did for her because it ends up making the party better. A bit of a BrokenAesop if you think about it, but still kind of touching.
* The end of the episode is just so ''sweet.''
* [[http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/phineasandferb/images/f/ff/CandaceConcertEyes.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20130205222609 Candace's face]] when Linda finally comes home. She's so happy to rekindle her parents' love.
* A small CMOH also borders on TearJerker: Danny has just finished telling Phineas that nobody remembers his band any more. Cue the screaming crowds, and an expression of shock on Danny's face as he realizes that not only are they not forgotten other by this one couple, they are still loved by hundreds if not thousands of people. (The Tear Jerker is due to FridgeLogic; Danny honestly believes they have been forgotten and has just seemingly watched his hopes of a reunion dashed by the same infighting that broke up the band in the first place.)
** Extra-heartwarming? So far in the show, Love Handel is still back together, and always seem happy to be together. Phineas, Ferb, and Candace not only gave their parents a great anniversary concert; they gave a band who thought they'd never play together again a second chance at a career and a repaired friendship.

[[AC: The Best Lazy Day Ever]]
* This episode has one of the most twisted, strangest [=CMOHs=] in the history of the show (whether it qualifies as one or not is questionable, as it's probably unintentional). When Candace finds out her brothers aren't doing any big project for the day, she is initially relieved that she can finally go about her personal business. However, it becomes clear busting her brothers is all she really does and all that really defines her. Then she starts to tear up (out of a personal identity crisis), realizing this fact. In its own insane way (similar to "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted"), you could say she finds out how important her brothers (and their crazy projects) are to her.
--> '''Candace:''' I can't do anything unless I'm trying to bust them for doing something. And if they're doing nothing, then ''(PsychoStrings play, and Candace starts crying)'' ''who-o-o i-is Ca-a-andace''?

[[AC: Voyage to the Bottom of Buford]]
* The song that plays when Buford thinks of the fun he has had with Biff is a real toucher, especially considering how hard he's trying to get him back.

[[AC: Traffic Cam Caper]]
* The boys spend the episode helping Candace retrieve a security camera [=DVD=] that's been stolen from them by Perry, with help from Norm the Robot (ItMakesSenseInContext). When Phineas manages to get the disc, he jumps and ends up hanging onto the drawbridge that Norm slipped off of, and drops the disc right on the edge of the bridge. Unfortunately for him, he's got his hands in an oil slick that Norm left behind and is gonna fall off that bridge unless something is done. Candace thinks hard, looking at both choices of what she has to save here, before pulling Phineas up right when he's about to fall into the river. When he shows surprise at the fact that she didn't save the disc, she hugs him and replies "And let you fall? You may be a pain, but you ''are'' my brother."
** Early on, there's this exchange:
--->'''Candace:''' You guys would help me bust you?\\
'''Phineas:''' Sure! If it would make you happy.
* Perry clears Lawrence's traffic ticket. We've seen him being protective of Phineas and Ferb on more than one occasion, but he certainly looks out for the rest of his family as well.

[[AC: Bowl-R-Ama Drama]]
* Phineas and Ferb giving special thanks to Candace when they get recognized for breaking several world records.
* When Candace gets scared on the ferris wheel (she's afraid of heights), Jeremy puts an arm around her and assures her, "Don't worry; I've got you."

[[AC: One Good Scare Ought to Do It!]]
* The reason Isabella isn't scared by the haunted house is because she's holding Phineas' hand. It's FridgeBrilliance mixed with [=CMoH=].
** Also, she tells Candace it was great because she had a day's undivided attention from him.
* When the [[PlotThreads B Plot]] [[StatusQuoIsGod Cleanup Crew]] arrives and Phineas winds up nearly falling to his death, Isabella not only rallies the Fireside Girls to make an impromptu trampoline with [[CrazyPrepared their sashes]], she manages to catch him when he bounces off... and her crush nearly getting killed has been the only thing scary enough for the whole episode to get rid of those blasted hiccups. [[ShipTease And then there's how long he stayed in her arms...]]

[[AC: I Scream You Scream]]
* The moment where Ferb falls in love with Vanessa.
* What's Phineas and Ferb's project for the day? Ice cream for Isabella while she's recovering from getting her tonsils out.

[[AC: Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat]]
* Jeremy cuddling and stroking Perry (actually Candace) is pretty cute. He's such a sweet guy! The fact that it's actually Candace getting all the attention from him sort of makes it even better.
* The fact that Doofenshmirtz refuses to fight Perry in Candace's body because he WouldntHitAGirl. He may be evil, but he's a gentleman.

[[AC: The Monster of Phineas-n-Ferbenstein]]
* A brief one when Dr. Phineastein says that he and Ferbgor will never lose the platypus monster they created again. We even get a shot of the monster tearing up!
* "Oh well, win some lose some, buddy. You'll always be the number one monster in my book!"
* Alternate Isabella befriending the platypus monster.

[[AC: The Flying Fishmongers]]
* The boys spending the day helping their grandfather finally realize a life-long dream of jumping a gorge on a motorcycle. And they do it with him just to make it extra special.

[[AC: Oil on Candace]]
* Django's painting and his father's reaction to it at the end of the episode.
* "Thank you, Perry the Platypus. Thank you."

[[AC: Out to Launch]]
* The scene when Candace is trapped in a spaceship that is stuck in a decaying orbit and the boys are coaching her through the process of escaping, most notably "Just relax and take Ferb's hand."
* When the boys thank Candace for saving them from Doof's space station and jump starting their ship.
-->'''Phineas''': Ferb and I just wanted to say thank you. We were in a pretty precarious situation back there, and if it wasn't for your bravery, who knows what would'a happened?
-->'''Candace''': Really? You think I'm...brave?
-->'''Phineas''': Are you kidding!? [[SilentBob Ferb]] [[CrowningMomentOfFunny was going on and on about it]]!

[[AC: Phineas and Ferb Get Busted!]]
* Candace actually manages to get Mom to see what Phineas and Ferb are doing -- in this case, putting plane wings on the family car so it can fly, and building a giant tower on which to park it (which then falls on the garage) -- so Mom sends the boys to a hellish reform school. At first, Candace is ecstatic to have them out of her hair, but she soon grows to miss her brothers so much that she, along with Jeremy, embarks on a rescue mission to bust them out of there. Granted, [[spoiler:the whole thing turns out to be AllJustADream [[DreamWithinADream within a dream]] that Perry is having]], but it's this particular episode that really shows you that, deep down inside, Candace loves her brothers very much and doesn't know what she'd do without them.
* Perry [[spoiler:waking up from his dream in the end. It's a small thing, but his little smile at realizing that his cover hasn't been blown and his family hasn't been taken away from him is really sweet.]]
* During the [[spoiler: dream-within-a-dream, Perry and Doof's unseen B-plot saves the Flynn-Fletcher kids [[AndZoidberg and Jeremy]] from the Smile Away general...or whatever he's called.]] You just ''know'' that Perry steered the unknown inator in that direction to keep his family safe.
* Mom forgiving Candace for interrupting her all those other times to see the unseen things that Phineas and Ferb were doing and knowing that Candace was telling the truth all those times and she wasn't crazy.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBNCnZv-2wI "Little Brothers"]], played when Candace misses the boys, seems like this... [[SubvertedTrope and then]] [[ShapedLikeItself you listen to the lyrics]]. [[CrowningMomentOfFunny And]] ''[[CrowningMomentOfFunny then]]'' [[CrowningMomentOfFunny you pick yourself up off the floor.]] Humor aside, though, it is still considered by many to be one of ''the'' most tender songs this show has ever made.
** The vignettes of little Candace meeting baby Phineas, then of her and Phineas meeting Ferb, are straight up heartwarming. Especially how tiny [[TheStoic Ferb]] is smiling like crazy upon meeting his new siblings.
* Candace's pleading-while-crying to Phineas and Ferb in that episode about how their creativity isn't bad, but ''the best thing about them'' and how she regrets ever having them shipped off to that reformatory school in the first place easily has the capability to bring a viewer to tears.
* It's kind of sweet to look back and realize that Perry [[spoiler: was dreaming (within a dream) about Candace getting over her busting obsession/getting along with the boys.]] And, by the same measure, that he saved them, even at the cost of [[spoiler: his secret identity, considering he blows his cover a few times in the future]].

[[AC: Hail Doofania]]
* Admit it: it's kind of cute that, after his plan falls through, Doofenshmirtz starts playing 'Hide and Seek' with Norm.

[[folder:Season 2]]
[[AC: The Lake Nose Monster]]
* A bystander lampshades Ferb's OnceAnEpisode line and then proclaims it to be boring, upon which Phineas turns to Ferb and reassures him, "I didn't think it was boring."
* Candace agreeing (however reluctantly: "I'm gonna have to do the right thing here, aren't I?") to dispose of the evidence she found and help keep Nosey's existence a secret.
* Phineas and Ferb being the first humans ever to befriend Nosey and earn his trust.

[[AC: Attack of the 50 Foot Sister]]
* The entrance to Perry's lair is at the bottom of a koi pond, causing three fish to end up out of the water and flopping on the floor of the lair. Perry refuses to pay any attention to his mission briefing until the fish are safely inside an aquarium. It's a minor thing, but it shows how much Perry cares about the well-being of all of his fellow animals.
** Monogram agrees to make the fish agents to make up for their suffering, and they're later shown repaying the favor by helping Perry thwart Doofenshmirtz. And immediately after they do, Perry is seen once again helping them into a fishbowl, pausing to do this in the middle of fighting Doof.

[[AC: Don't Even Blink]]
* The lack of interaction between Candace and Ferb has already been noted on the TearJerker page... but it's worth mentioning that, due to this, the smaller exchanges are made much more adorable. Ferb's [[OnceAnEpisode line of dialogue]] at this episode's end was a brief allusion to [[ViewersAreGeniuses quantum theory]] and was largely PlayedForLaughs - but that didn't stop it from coming across as rather consoling, in the face of [[FailureIsTheOnlyOption another failure.]]
* The fact that Phineas and Ferb spend the whole episode trying to ''help'' Candace bust them. Granted, they don't seem to understand what that would mean, but still, they see that it's important to her, so they go all out for it.

[[AC: Chez Platypus]]
* The song [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72_AwLOUT8g "Evil Love"]], during which Doof dates a woman who is also into evil, saying that he has never been happier in all his life [[spoiler:[[YankTheDogsChain up until the very end of the episode, that is.]]]]
* Candace and Jeremy get their romantic dinner in the end. Buford even provides musical accompaniment, despite denying them entry moments earlier.
* After Jeremy invites Candace out on a date, they hang up and ''both'' go "Yes!" Considering how much she stresses out over him, it's pretty cute to see that he's just as nervous and excited as she is.

[[AC: Perry Lays an Egg]]
* Candace showing her brothers how to take care of "Perry's" egg. Too bad it backfires on her at the end of the episode. (Even when she does something nice, [[TheWoobie she can't seem to catch a break]], can she?)
** Before that, Candace getting misty-eyed over the nature program on baby sea-turtles is pretty cute.
* Ferb putting a handkerchief on the egg when Phineas mentioned it was getting cold. Doubles as a CrowningMomentOfFunny.

[[AC: Gaming the System]]
* [[spoiler:Candace has just defeated the final boss [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome using her own health bar]]. Unfortunately, as the massive foe stumbles backwards off the edge, he crushes Phineas and Ferb with his foot.]] After staring in shock at them for about two seconds, Candace rushes over, drops to her knees and [[spoiler: cradles Phineas in her arms just before him and Ferb de-pixelate.]] She then throws back her head and lets out completely devastated [[BigNo "'''NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!'''"]] before breaking down in tears. Of course, since this ''is'' a video game, [[spoiler:[[DisneyDeath the boys only lost a life]].]] It's a rather unusual way of showing it, but it's proof that she really does love them and would be heartbroken if she lost them.
** Phineas then has a similar reaction, complete with BigNo, when it looks like Isabella is about to get stomped.

[[AC: The Chronicles of Meap]]
* Phineas dismisses Isabella's hints that her proximity could be interfering with the Cuteness Tracker he built to track Meap. The thought that he doesn't see her as cute makes Isabella frustrated and discouraged by turns -- until Phineas reveals that he already calibrated the tracker with Isabella in mind to keep her from triggering a false positive. When he removes the safeguard, her cuteness ''overloads the device''.
* Candace freeing Meap from Mitch's trap at the climax, keeping in mind that she had no idea Meap would be of any help in defeating Mitch. As far as she was concerned, Mitch had them captured or worse at that point, and yet she still took the opportunity to try and get Meap to safety. Riding the airborne bicycle onto the space station in the first place to save her brothers didn't hurt either, especially since it has been established that Candace has a great fear of heights.
* Doof having the reunion with Balloony. It comes back in later episodes, but this is the only happy memory Doof has had.
* Kind of a subtle one, but the fact that Candace doesn't even ''consider'' trying to use Meap to bust the boys with. She has an actual alien on hand, but with her brothers in actual danger she forgets all about her obsession with getting them in trouble to focus on rescuing them.
* Doof declaring that Perry is his best friend. Only slightly undermined by [[CrowningMomentOfFunny Perry kicking him off a spaceship immediately afterward.]]
* Though it's unfortunate for Ferb, the fact that Phineas is so distracted by Isabella's arrival that he pretty much forgets what he's doing is good news for her.

[[AC: Thaddeus and Thor]]
* It was largely out of her own competitiveness, but there's Candace sticking up for her brothers. She even has her mom go back the grocery store so they ''wouldn't'' get busted (until the competition was over, at least).
** Judging by her reaction when it looks like they've lost, and then again after they win, Candace does have a degree of pride in what her brothers do: she wants them busted, but she doesn't want anyone to doubt how outrageously brilliant they are.
* Perry comforting Doofenshmirtz after he loses the kickball game.
* Vanessa cheering for Doof during the game (even if she didn't actually think he'd do well).
* As a demonstration of just how nice Phineas and Ferb are; after showing [[{{Jerkass}} Thaddeus and Thor]] their reality-defyingly-awesome fort, they conclude by sincerely complimenting them on their own design.

[[AC: Oh, There You Are, Perry]]
* The ending, as pictured above.
** The very last line:
--->'''Candace:''' Welcome home.
* It may be a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but when Dr. Doofenshmirtz takes up a (temporary) job working for another supervillain and there's a picture of [[MadScientistsBeautifulDaughter Vanessa]] visible on his desk. D'awww.
** Not to mention he probably tries so hard to be a good dad because of how abusive his parents were. Just goes to show he's not really a totally bad guy underneath it all.
* Perry switches between Phineas's and Ferb's beds in the middle of the night to be fair to both of them, which is adorable. (It might also [[FridgeBrilliance explain]] why he ends up in Candace's bed quite a lot as well...)
* There is another blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment just before the song but a little after the music starts where a parent puts her hand on the shoulder of her daughter.

[[AC: Swiss Family Phineas]]
* Lawrence's reaction to Candace's freakout on the island:
--> '''Lawrence''': We may be on this island for a while.
--> '''Candace''': A while?! You mean we're stranded!? That means we won't get to Jeremy's party before the sun sets! We'll be stuck here forever, eating rocks and bugs, then I'll have to marry a monkey and have monkey-kids and name them Xavier and Amanda!
--> '''Lawrence''': And we'll love them anyway.
* While it held back Perry from his mission, there's Buford comforting Perry when he thinks that Perry is hungry.

[[AC: Hide and Seek]]
* Candace being genuinely thankful when Phineas and Ferb come to her rescue.

[[AC: That Sinking Feeling]]
* A small one, but when the ship begins to sink, Isabella quickly grabs Phineas by the hand and tries to run him to safety.
** A little later, when the kids are all piling into life preservers, Phineas pauses to invite Isabella to join him in his. Note that they and Baljeet and Mishti were the only ones who doubled up.

[[AC: The Baljeatles]]
* Jeremy explaining to Candace that he hasn't nicknamed her because he likes her name just the way it is.
* Phineas gives Baljeet an honorary A+ in rock after his performance.

[[AC: Vanessassary Roughness]]
* Vanessa [[spoiler: giving Ferb a kiss.]]

[[AC: Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo]]
* "The stone age was once the future, as was the middle ages. Creativity and inventions never end!" That sums up the spirit of the show so well, especially now that we've actually ''seen'' versions of Phineas and Ferb in the Stone Age and the Middle Ages who had the exact same attitudes.
* Future Candace going back to the fix the screwed-up timeline after her HeelRealization.
* Candace finally gets to prove the reality of Phineas and Ferb's exploits to Linda, future Linda apologizes for having not believed her in the past, but decides she has no jurisdiction over the young Phineas and Ferb and doesn't punish them. Everyone wins (more or less). [[spoiler:TheStinger then cancels out the entire episode of course, but hey.]]
* Phineas asks Future Candace how he and Ferb turn out and she replies: [[spoiler: [[SincerityMode "Fantastic, just keep doing what you're doing."]] while ruffling his hair.]]
* Future Candace's daughter mentioning [[spoiler: "Aunt" Isabella, much to the delight of [[VictoriousChildhoodFriend Young Isabella]].]]
* The fact that Future Candace tells her daughter that she, Phineas, and Ferb were always great friends.

[[AC: Cheer Up Candace]]
* Phineas and Ferb's project of the day revolving entirely around trying to [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin cheer up Candace]].

[[AC: Finding Mary [=McGuffin=]]]
* Doofenshmirtz reveals that he spent the better part of a decade relentlessly hunting down a Mary McGuffin doll for Vanessa, just because she told him that he would be the world's greatest dad if he did. Added onto that is Vanessa's reaction; she obviously has a very low opinion of Doofenshmirtz and considers herself too old for dolls, but she still accepts the gift and gives it a place of honor in her room.
--> '''Doofenshmirtz:''' I may be an evil scientist, but it doesn't take a degree purchased from the internet with your ex-wife's money to know how special and important you are to me.
** The fact that she actually [[spoiler:rips the doll out of a little girl's hands and walks away, leaving the girl crying,]] is strangely touching. It probably helps that the very next scene implies that Vanessa and Dr. D are starting to bond thanks to the incident.
** This moment actually causes her to realize that [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4Qkk4F0sfc&feature=related maybe he's not so bad a dad after all]], remembering all the moments where he actually pulled through as a parent, despite being completely embarrassing.

[[AC: Nerdy Dancin']]
* The ending, where Candace tells Jeremy that it doesn't matter if he's a good dancer or not, she just wanted to have fun with him. This is particularly notable in contrast to their usual relationship with one another.
* This is probably one of the most overlooked Heartwarming moments on the show, but the fact that Phineas and Ferb are willing to help Jeremy cheat on a dance show to make their sister proud. Awww!
* Don't forget that Jeremy, when facing up to what he did, finally gives Ferb some recognition that he deserves. Turns into a [[CrowningMomentofFunny CMoF]] when Ferb dances out of sight, but still kind of sweet that Ferb got to be recognized for his skills.

[[AC: Candace's Big Day]]
* Candace has a total [[TheWoobie woobie]] moment when she bursts into tears telling her aunt Tiana that she ruined the wedding she was planning for her because she thought everything Phineas and Ferb did was terrible and the cake was a mish-mash of different foods with a live chicken in the bottom, all with her hair and makeup in a mess until Tiana tells Candace she loved everything and that she planned the perfect wedding for her.
* The song, as rock-n-roll and ridiculous as it is, is a sweet celebration of marriage and the possibilities that lie ahead.

[[AC: I Was a Middle-Aged Robot]]
* Candace and Dad enters a father-daughter wacky games competition, only to have Dad lose his memory and need to be replaced by the robotic duplicate Carl made [[CrazyPrepared "in case of emergency"]]. The real Dad comes back at the end, feeling hopelessly confused but determined to jump into the potato sack race -- and win. The hug they share at the end is simply precious.
* Phineas and Ferb's project of the day, creating a giant blimp and a cheerleading team to cheer Candace and Lawrence on.

[[AC: Undercover Carl]]
* When Monogram thinks Carl is in danger, he seems genuinely worried and comes to his rescue. This is especially sweet after you've seen how he normally treats Carl.

[[AC: Hip Hip Parade]]
* After spending the entire episode trying to sabotage the parade, Buford comes around when he realizes that the Tri-State Area is now a single unified region without dividing borders and provides a spectacular closing to the parade.
* Baljeet convincing a balloon salesman to save a falling Buford's life, and Buford and Baljeet making up afterward.
--> '''Ferb''': And thus, the universe is balanced.

[[AC: Invasion of the Ferb Snatchers]]
* Despite the zany overtones, this episode can come across as quite heartwarming. After all, we usually hear Candace screeching about how she's going to bust the boys and, failing that, she usually only screams for Phineas when she's in trouble or worried (this can even be viewed as soon as "Ain't No Kiddie Ride", which is paired with "Invasion"), so it's definitely smile-worthy to see her concern for her step-brother, too.
* Candace settling down with her brothers and watching a movie marathon with them. In addition, she tries to hold a conversation with them about the movie when they are finished. This is honestly one of the few interactions Candace has with them that does not involve busting.
** The episode provided definite proof that, during the times Candace is not trying to get her brothers in trouble, their relationship to each other is very friendly.
* When Phineas humors Candace's suggestion that Ferb may be an alien, his main thought is simply how cool it would be if it were true.

[[AC: Ain't No Kiddie Ride]]
* Ferb being the one to save Candace's life is both this and [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome awesome]]. He even [[NotSoStoic shows his shock and fright]] for a moment when he sees Candace in danger.

[[AC: Phineas and Ferb-Busters!]]
* Norm "accidentally" spilling coffee on his replacement to save Doofenshmirtz counts both as this and a CrowningMomentOfAwesome, especially considering the fact that Doofenshmirtz didn't really care about Norm until that point.
--> '''Norm''': There was no rug, sir.

[[AC: The Lizard Whisperer]]
* It's brief, but during Ferb's [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome completely epic]] and [[NotSoStoic out-of-character]] speech, he, Phineas, and Isabella all share a side-to-side hug.
** Actually, it's not out of character so much as it is a more direct demonstration of what is usually more subtly implied in the show: even though Phineas is the frontman and is usually given most of the credit, Ferb's the backbone and the heart to the group of kids, even though he hardly speaks!
* It's a blink-and-you-miss-it, but a photo of Candace can be seen in Jeremy's guitar case. Daww.

[[AC: The Beak]]
* When Phineas sees that the villain of the day has Candace (she's actually joined forces with him, but they don't realize that), he immediately surrenders. No matter what, he's not going to risk his sister's safety.
-->'''Phineas:''' "I can't believe it! He actually found out what was important to us."

[[AC: The Lemonade Stand]]
* Candace cancels a trip to the mall with Stacy to bust her brothers. Stacy gets mad and "breaks up" with Candace. At the end, Candace decides not to bust Phineas and Ferb's lemonade stand and apologizes to Stacy. It's all summed up in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCsdgooviDc&feature=channel this song]].
** Buford of all people being the one to sympathize with Candace was strangely heartwarming as well.

[[AC: Nerds of a Feather]]
* Candace spends most of the episode dressed as Ducky Mo-Mo, which she doesn't want anyone to know about. At the end Candace [[spoiler:reveals her identity, which earns her sound dissing. Jeremy, however, thinks Ducky Mo-Mo isn't so lame after all. Suzy runs up to her, thinking she's Ducky Mo-Mo and says "I love you, Ducky Mo-Mo!" Candace's reply: "And Ducky Mo-Mo loves you," complete with hugs.]] Awwwwwww!
* Candace's whole Ducky Momo side story is one for people who have trouble giving up things they liked as kids and are children at heart.
* When Albert said "Brother!" and helped Irving. Albert begins 'casting his spell,' and then Irving (still in his [[Franchise/StarWars robot costume]]) joins him. Then they both go "Brother!" and continuing chanting the spell to fight the 'monster.'
* In a way, the fact that Doofenshmirtz's pitch for a TV series has him and Perry as partners. Perhaps he doesn't really want to be evil after all...

[[AC: Wizard of Odd]]
* The ending, when Candace has woken up from her dream and sees Phineas, Ferb, and co. in a giant unicycle. Phineas asks if she wants to have fun with them. As she is about to try to bust them, she says, "Did you say fun?" and Ferb tells her that the most fun can be found "in their own backyard". And she sits in the unicycle next to Jeremy. As they ride off, Phineas pulls down the screen and says, "Have fun, everybody!"
* In Candace's dream, Phineas and Ferb's inventions are portrayed as perfectly safe in relation to the "safe" way preached by an authority figure, and Linda, being the "busting" version of the Wizard of Oz, is portrayed as a fun-loving ReasonableAuthorityFigure unlikely to punish the boys for their inventions. This is especially heartwarming when compared to Perry's DreamWithinADream in "Phineas and Ferb Are Busted."
* In Candace's dream, Candace telling Perry, in Agent mode mind you, to save himself. After easily getting out and escaping, Perry doesn't hesitate to get Candace's companions and go back for her. Especially since during her waking hours, she tends to belittle him.

[[AC: Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Max Modem!]]
* Lawrence loves Linda ''so much'' that he's willing to let Phineas and Ferb turn him into 80s OneHitWonder "Max Modem" just because he's insecure that she'll prefer her glitzy Lindana lifestyle to a quiet life with him. Linda's reaction to realizing that Max Modem is Lawrence is also very sweet.
** Lawrence's comment while watching Linda from backstage:
--->'''Lawrence:''' Look at her boys; she's magnificent.
* A small one, but after the boys see Lawrence lamenting that he fears he's not exciting enough for Linda and walking off, it's ''Ferb'' who steals the OnceAnEpisode line from Phineas, saying "Phineas, I know what we're going to do today." Even better, there isn't even a moment of hesitation or reluctance on Phineas' part when he says "Yes, yes you do." They may not be biologically related, but you'd never know it from the way they act.
* The "Alien Heart" song is this for any fan of 80s music and sci-fi.
* Linda inviting Candace to sing backup. Candace had pressured her into doing the concert to begin with, mostly to reflect good on Candace, but Linda really appreciated the chance to relive her glory days. Also note that, while Candace had expected to benefit, she had only expected to watch the show from backstage: not to perform herself. And ''nothing'' goes wrong! Mother and daughter sing together and share an important moment in their lives, and it's all very sweet.

[[AC: Brain Drain]]
* The ending, where Vanessa [[spoiler:finally considers Doof to be cool.]]
* Perry helping his nemesis out, despite all the humiliation Doof put him through in the episode, by using the machine to make Doof bust some mad tunes on the turntable. After playing through a good chunk of his tune Doof looks down where Perry was and... he's not there, he's behind Doof and simply smiles and gives him a thumbs-up before leaving, and it turns out that Heinz was [=DJing=] ''by himself'' most of the time after Perry got him going.

[[AC: Rollercoaster: The Musical!]]
* This maybe a bit meta for a CMOH, but it's a CMOH none the less. During the song "Aren't You a Little Young", the engineer who sings the song is Dan Povenmire, the co-creator of the show. It seems like the creator and fictional character version of a father and son singing a song together. It's almost like Creator/WaltDisney singing a song with WesternAnimation/MickeyMouse, or a game where [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Mario]] and Creator/ShigeruMiyamoto fight Bowser together.
** To take it even further, the song is all about [[SoProudOfYou how impressed the engineer is with everything Phineas can accomplish]], which is a motto to every kid that you're never too young to think of something outrageous.

[[AC: Make Play]]
* Young Heinz, thoughtfully giving his mother a teddy bear he won spending a year of allowance despite everything he had been put through. [[spoiler:Turns into a TearJerker when she turns right around and gives it to his brother Roger.]]

[[folder:Season 3]]
[[AC: Canderemy]]
* Even though it's sad for Isabella, the fact that it doesn't even occur to Phineas to do anything without Ferb is a sweet testament to the brothers' relationship.

[[AC: Run, Candace, Run]]
* The scene where [[spoiler:Anabelle is reunited with her family.]] Sure, she's a one-time character that we barely know anything about, but it's still adorably sweet. In addition, bringing her back finally earns Candace some approval from Hildegard.
* The fact that Perry spends the whole episode trying to help Dr. Doofensmirtz keep his home.

[[AC: Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama!]]
* Candace, after stealing the DVD of the boys' inventions at Buford's house, narrowly manages to come home with it. As she's about to show it to Linda, [[spoiler:Phineas gives a big thank you to everyone in the yard, telling them that he's a really lucky guy to have such great friends and family, making Candace get all teary. She sobs out that she simply ''can't'' bust them, not on Phineas' birthday, and smashes the DVD. As it turns out, the wrench she smashed the DVD with is exactly what Phineas wanted for a birthday present. He then tells her how amazing a sister she is, and they tearfully hug.]] How sweet.
** It's also one of the longest, yet least tedious hugs ever shared on television. (14 whole seconds)
** Phineas's speech is this in itself. Get ready to get chokey:
--->'''Phineas''': I just have to say, I'm a lucky guy. I mean, so far this has been a rockin' great summer. I've sure had a lot of fun. But it's not about satisfying your personal desires. It's about all of you. Being surrounded by the best family and the best friends anyone could hope to have. All the people I love, and who love me right back. Today was a great day; the best day ever.
*** And, despite how badly Candace tends to treat him:
----> '''Phineas:''' Aw, Candace, you're a ''great'' person. Why, if I had a nickel for every time you've done something nice for me... well, I wouldn't know what to do with ''that'' much money!\\
(''...[[CrowningMomentOfFunny $0.05!]] Candace then proceeds to destroy the evidence out of the sisterly love she has'')

[[AC: Moon Farm]]
* A small one when [[spoiler: Phineas and Ferb replace Candace's dried out lamb cobbler with some of their moon-made ice cream.]]

[[AC: Candace Disconnected]]
* Phineas's genuine concern when he discovers that they accidentally destroyed Candace's phone and his immediate offer to make her a new one.

[[AC: Magic Carpet Ride]]
* This moment of sheer adorable:
--> '''Ferb:''' ''(standing on top of the TV, arms spread out, as the rug flies)'' Does anyone else want to be king of the world?
--> '''Phineas:''' ''(leaning on the TV with a satisfied smile)'' Eh, keep it, bro. It suits you.
** Doubles as FridgeBrilliance [[spoiler: when you realize that Ferb just might become the President. Maybe.]]
** Actually, Ferb wouldn't be able to [[spoiler: become president]], [[RealityEnsues because he's not actually a native US citizen.]]
* We find out that as a kid, Doof had a painting ruined by Roger. So later, he tries to get revenge when he shows a painting during a mayor thing. But as Doof about to use his Stain inator, it's revealed to be...Doof's painting, which roger felt bad for ruining. After all the horrible things Roger has caused for Doof, this is sweet. ... Of course Doof's painting is stained again, but by then it doesn't matter.
* One line from Lawrence at the end of the musical number: "Oh, thank you boys, this was lovely." Especially sweet since the boys build the flying carpet to cheer him up.
* A small one is Isabella's reaction when Phineas invites her on a magic carpet ride.

[[AC: Phineas and Ferb Interrupted]]
* Everyone pitching in to help Phineas and Ferb return to their old selves after they were accidentally hit by the Dull-and-boring-inator. (Okay, Candace probably did it mostly so she could have the chance to bust them, while Doofenshmirtz wasn't even aware of their plight and thought Perry was helping ''him'', but it was still nice to see everyone working together like that.)
* Also the fact that what made Phineas and Ferb return to their normal selves was not getting them to have fun or the dynamic-inator, but simply the fact that Candace was in danger and Phineas and Ferb needed to think of a way to save her.

[[AC: A Real Boy]]
* Vanessa lending Norm her headphones, which later prevent him from hearing Doofenshmirtz's KickTheDog moment.
* Though [[spoiler: it turns out she didn't hear him]], the way Doof freaks out when he's worried Vanessa thinks he'd rather have had a boy is very sweet. He's really distraught at the idea that she might have any doubt about how much he loves her.

[[AC: Mommy Can You Hear Me?]]
* The ending, where Ferb finally manages to give their astronaut friend a Happy Birthday message. [[spoiler: Granted the scenery is done as one big shout out to the movie ''2001: A Space Odyssey'' and seeing [[NightmareFuel Ferb as a glowing fetus]] would freak out smaller children]], but its the thought that counts.
** "They ''did'' remember. Such nice boys."
* Phineas and Ferb bringing Candace a whole ton of stuff to entertain her while she's bedridden with an injured leg, including setting up cameras all over the house so that she won't feel isolated. Being Candace, she doesn't really appreciate it, but it's sweet nonetheless.

[[AC: Skiddley Whiffers]]
* Doof's [[OverprotectiveDad overprotecting Vanessa]] when she's on her camping trip with her friends.
** And there's something sweet about the fact that through his eyes, Vanessa literally ''does'' still look like she's a little girl to him.
--->'''Vanessa:''' I'm not a little girl anymore.\\
'''Doofenshmirtz:''' Well, you're ''my'' little girl!
** Doofenshmirtz using his {{Amusing Injuries}} to save his daughter and her friends. Literally, he sacrifices himself by getting stung by hundreds of bees to save them.
* "So Candace, did you have fun with your brothers today?" "({{Beat}}) Yes. Yes I did."
* As Phineas says in the opening: "It's nice to see Candace happy." She fails so often that it's charming to see her actually excel at something.

[[AC: My Fair Goalie]]
* Part of the extended Fletcher family gets on Ferb's case about whether or not he's still a 'true Brit', and Phineas wastes no time in sticking up for him, even though Baljeet and Buford unintentionally make that several times harder. Later in the episode - after we've been informed of a [[ItMakesSenseInContext truly bizarre curse]] [[NoodleImplements involving emus]] - Phineas goes on to provide us with this:
-->'''Phineas''': Don't worry you guys, if I know my brother, he'll come through for us!
** Not even the BaitAndSwitch that directly follows puts a damper on it, particularly since it precedes this:
--->'''Phineas:''' Ferb! You came to play!\\
'''Ferb:''' As long as my team will have me, curse and all.\\
'''Phineas:''' Of course we will! It's not about winning, it's about the joy of the game!
* Ferb's last line during the credits.
--> Actually, lads, I'm not a Brit or a Yank. I'm just Ferb.
* Jeremy and Candace's bit towards the end. Specially because it finally reveals what was [[TheUnreveal Unrevealed]] by the start of the season. Jeremy likes Candace because [[spoiler: of the way she is, including crazy busting.]]
* Perry [[spoiler: placing a blanket on a sick Doofenshmirtz as he sleeps.]] Awww.
* The fact that Lawrence has been letting his brother win their competitions for ''his entire life'' just to make him happy.

[[AC: Bullseye!]]
* For an episode that was based on RuleOfFunny - that even called itself out on coming close to breaking WillingSuspensionOfDisbelief - this one had an awfully sweet ending. All it took was one glance at his sons and Lawrence-- who had been hit by the Turn-Everything-Evil-inator/izer-- went back to being his usual {{Adorkable}} self before even 30 seconds had passed. No IKnowYoureInThereSomewhereFight required.
** Also the fact that Perry knew that that was all it would take.
* Over the course of the episode, you'll see Perry breathe a sigh of relief at least five times. This might seem excessive for a fifteen minute segment, but it also means that he was holding his breath for a good portion of the episode. Perry, the super secret agent with 'nerves of steel' (and several other metal themed attributes), was just ''that scared'' of losing his family.
** Not to mention, before Lawrence was zapped by the -inator, Perry was taking his time slowly cutting his way out of the trap he was being contained in. The moment things took a bad turn he pulled out his jetpack and blasted his way out of there.

[[AC: That's the Spirit]]
* At the climax, the boys end up hugging each other for reassurance. It's not just a quick 'Haha, that was scary!' thing, either - the camera cuts away and then cuts back and they're still latched onto one another. Awwww.

[[AC: A Phineas and Ferb Family Christmas]]
* Candace admitting that she enjoyed the Christmas special.
-->'''Linda''': Hey, boys. I heard you were doing Christmas in July.
-->'''Candace''': Yes, yes they were. And... and... it was actually really sweet.

[[AC: Doof Dynasty]]
* We get this brief but utterly adorable moment between Phineas and Isabella: After the boys make it to the dungeon that she's been confined in, instead of stepping away from the door so they can break in like she suggested they do, she bursts through the door and gives Phineas a ''massive'' tackle hug while saying "My hero!". Made even sweeter if you recall, earlier in the episode, that this Ancient-Chinese version of Phineas actually ''does'' show signs of liking her.
** [[http://phineasandferb.wikia.com/wiki/File:Isabella_says_my_hero.jpg This]] blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment right afterwards seals it.

[[AC: Gi-Ants]]
* In "Gi-Ants", Phineas and Ferb build a giant ant farm. In order to go inside, they need to spray themselves, Isabella, Buford, and Baljeet in ant pheromones. When their friends agree and go inside the ant farm, Phineas turns to Ferb and says "You know what I like about our friends? We say things like 'We're gonna spray you with ant pheromones' and they're like 'Okay, whatever'. They're so cool." This is a kid who builds amazing machines and rides everyday, and yet he considers his (more) ordinary friends to be cool.

[[AC: Delivery of Destiny]]
* Love Handel waving hello to Phineas and Ferb.

[[AC: Perry The Actorpus]]
* The boys get to spend the day with Perry, and even get a musical number for it. It's so nice just seeing the three having fun together and playing around for a change.
* Candace taking part in an Alcoholics Anonymous-like group in regards to busting brothers, which is headed by Mandy, Candace's [[TheRival rival]] from "Thaddeus and Thor". Toward the end, Candace actually makes progress, and Mandy happily hugs her in congratulations.

[[AC: Bully Bromance Breakup]]
* Even with a bully-sized hole in your heart, pretty much the entire Buford/Baljeet plot is sure to warm it to 1200 degrees.
-->'''Buford''' ''(to Doofenshmirtz, referring to Baljeet)'': There comes a time when you don’t wanna bully everyone. You just wanna bully someone you love.
* Even thought he [[WeWantOurJerkBack eventually comes to regret it]], Baljeet being so happy after freeing himself from Buford's bullying that he's dancing around and ''singing'' is guaranteed to at ''least'' make you grin.
* When Phineas was having trouble coping with not being able to invent anything, we have Ferb showing concern, including a moment with him putting his hand on Phineas' shoulder.

[[AC: The Doonkelberry Imperative]]
* Perry opts to stay and keep Doof company throughout the dangerous Drusselstein driving test. Dr. D even comments on how Perry makes him feel safer during their stay in Drusselstein. The whole thing is very heartwarming in its own way.
--> "*Sniff* Hold my hand, Perry the platypus. I'm scared..."
* Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella reuniting the country by [[ItMakesSenseInContext sawing the shaft in half so the goats on both sides can turn the shaft again]].

[[AC: Meapless in Seattle]]
* [[spoiler:Balloony, having become one of Mitch's henchmen, remembers its past with Doofenshmirtz and turns on the robot army swarming Doof, taking down all of them but making a HeroicSacrifice [[TearJerker in the process]]]].
* [[spoiler:Perry "reviving" Balloony and bringing it back to Doofenshmirtz, as well as the montage that follows.]]
* When Phineas falls under [[spoiler: Mitch's new cuteness, Isabella manages to snap him out of it through ''her'' cuteness. He then explains that she is basically cute on the inside as well as the outside. Things are nice and sweet until Phineas [[ObliviousToLove states that it is a scientific fact.]]]]
** Although even with Phineas stating it as a scientific fact, it's still nice and sweet, with Phineas saying Isabella is cute yet again in his own way. Now if only Isabella would kiss him already, the one thing proven to break his obliviousness...
* Candace [[spoiler: sacrificing her phone, along with all of the evidence of the "bust-worthy" adventure they just had, in order to stop Mitch.]]
* The song in which all the, um, Meap-like species is gearing up for battle, not really heartwarming, but really cute.

[[AC: The Mom Attractor]]
* Candace asks Lawrence what Linda likes, and he gets the idea to make his famous Rhubarb Creme Brulee that she likes. At the end, the titular attractor disappears, leaving only Lawrence and the Creme Brulee...
-->'''Linda:''' Whose idea was this?
-->'''Lawrence:''' Actually, it was Candace's idea.
-->'''Linda:''' Honey, you are awesome.
* Lawrence briefly recalling that he used to make said Creme Brulee for her all the time when they were dating was pretty adorable.
* You really gotta love Phineas (and Vincent Martella) when Candace is doing her "I'm awesome" dance, and Phineas just looks at Ferb and agrees...
-->'''Phineas:''' Candace is awesome. Awesome awesome aweSOME, awesome awesome aweSOME...
* When Doof's robot baby starts crying like mad, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7iD9524sOY the entire mother population of Danville bands together and heads towards Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. to take care of it, set to a really touching song.]] Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.

[[AC: Minor Monogram]]
* Doof comforting Vanessa after she breaks up with Johnny.
** During which he asks Vanessa why she always goes for the 'bad boy' types. She tells him that it's because her own father is evil, and proceeds to give him a hug.
* Doofenshmirtz creating a trap inspired by Vanessa's fashion style.
* Even though she's annoyed with Doof at the moment, Vanessa doesn't even consider accepting an invitation from the man who betrayed him.
* When Candace finds the boys in the giant leaf pile eating candy apples, she realizes that she can't really bust them for that. Phineas asks her if she wants one and we cut away. When we cut back, she has indeed joined them. Awww!
* Vanessa says she's over bad boys and considers dating a "good guy". She will, in fact, do exactly that several years later when she ends up with Ferb.

[[AC: What A Croc!]]
* Phineas telling Candace how awesome she is when she successfully returns Crikey to the nature preserve.

[[AC: Sipping with the Enemy]]
* Vanessa Doofenshmirtz actually sticks up for her father, referring to him as a "misunderstood genius."
* Perry helping Vanessa.
* Phineas keeping a bunch of quarters behind his ear just so his father can have fun doing a 'magic trick'.

[[AC: Doofapus]]
* More cute than heartwarming, when Perry gets home, the first thing he receives is Phineas giving him a back-scratch, like you would with your dog. Aww.

[[AC: Where's Perry?]]
* After Perry pretends to be sick in order to stay behind from the vacation and stop Doof, the boys not only show immediate concern over him but offer to ''stay behind''' from their vacation as well in order to make sure he's okay.
* The whole safari scene is remarkably beautiful and heartwarming considering the limited animation style.
** A small one, but the fact that Candace evidently enjoys the safari a lot, despite the fact that she's freaking out over phone withdrawal at the time.

[[AC: Where's Perry? (Part Two)]]
* Monogram [[spoiler: giving Carl the title of paid intern]]. Well okay, [[spoiler: [[SubvertedTrope he really doesn't get paid, it was only a title]], [[DoubleSubverted but it's not like Carl cared!]]]]
* Monogram allowing Perry to go join his family rather than return to Danville on the jet.
* [[spoiler:The Candace robot sacrificing itself and giving Candace Jeremy's message - which revealed he didn't actually break up with her-before it "died."]]
* Where's Perry? [[spoiler: Where he feels is home, with Phineas and Ferb.]]
* What does Perry use to [[spoiler:redirect the -inator beam to turn Carl back to good? A framed photograph of Phineas and Ferb.]]
** Meanwhile, [[spoiler: Doof realizes Perry wants him to fire, even though Carl isn't in position. He has only one shot, no idea what Perry has in mind, and Monogram is warning him not to fire. Doof fires anyway; he trusts Perry.]]
* Given how often Candace suffers from (and complains about) the AnimalsHateHer trope, [[spoiler:seeing her befriend the local wildlife was a nice turn of events]].
** On that note, there's a small bit just after Candace falls out of a tree. She's completely freaking out because she thinks Jeremy wants to break up with her, but she still forgets about her own trouble for a moment to make sure the baby monkey that fell with her is okay. Considering just how obsessed with him she is, it shows a remarkable degree of emotional maturity on her part.
* Ferb's relationship with his brother couldn't be summarized any simpler:
-->'''Baljeet:''' (''After Phineas insists against all evidence that Perry needs their help'')...We are in Africa.
-->'''Buford:''' Pretty much sums it up.
-->'''Ferb:''' Well, has he been wrong before?

[[AC: When Worlds Collide]]
* Buford's friendship with Tristan.
* When Isabella grabs Ferb's hand by mistake (See FunnyMoments), Ferb believes she's scared and tells her that 'it'll be alright.'

[[AC: What'd I Miss?]]
* Linda finding out about Phineas and Ferb's project... and praising them for how they helped squirrels learn to survive.
[[AC: Road to Danville]]
* Doofenshmirtz complains about how he is thirsty and that Perry isn't helping him while they are stranded in the desert, closing his eyes and wanting to see him gone. When he opens them, he sees that Perry has indeed left and storms off on his own. Moments later, Perry returns with a glass of water.
* When Doofenshmirtz finally reaches the bus stop, he breaks down from not being allowed onboard (due to him not having any tickets)... then Perry catches up to him with two tickets. Doof is moved to the point of shedding a tear!
** And [[spoiler:when Perry is the one who gets rejected from the bus due to animals not being allowed, Doofenshmirtz eventually gets off the bus to find him, bringing back Perry's jetpack.]]
* At the end, Perry helping Doofenshmirtz reach his play on time.

[[AC: This Is Your Backstory]]
* What causes[[spoiler: [[NightmareFuel Evil Monster Doofenshmirtz]]]] to turn back to normal? A set of photos of him and [[spoiler: Perry]] together, which [[spoiler: Perry]] keeps in his wallet. Proof that Doofenschmirtz and Perry have a villain/hero relationship.
* The fact that Vanessa's arrival gave Doofenshmirtz so many happy memories that his inator nearly reset.

[[AC: Blackout]]
* Linda and Lawrence's banter in the car. Among other things, he has an ap on his phone that tells him exactly how long it's been since his last date with her.

[[folder:Season 4]]
[[AC: For Your Ice Only]]
* A minor one in the winter-themed opening song. Compare Candace's face while trying to win the 'Whack-A-Pest' game in the standard opening with her expression here. In the standard opening, she just looks furious. Here, she has a more playfully competitive expression, as if she's enjoying the game. It reflects how her attempts to bust the boys has shed most of its mean-spiritedness over the course of the series and become more of game to her than anything else. A game she takes way too seriously, but a game nonetheless.

[[AC: Happy New Year!]]
* Candace and Jeremy finally share another kiss after ages in "Happy New Year". Also Jeremy saying that he still likes Candace for who she is, even if she can't stop trying to bust Phineas and Ferb.
* The song "It's a New Year" has a nice atmosphere to it, with everyone being happy and enjoying themselves.
** On a rather shippy note, Phineas and Isabella dancing.
** And [[ShipTease Baljeet and Ginger dancing.]]
** Perry and Doof's dance is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face too. Especially since they're dancing with each other ''willingly'' this time, showing just how much their bizarre (yet oddly sweet) frenemy-ship has grown.
* This quote from Ferb:
--> "'Auld lang syne' literally means 'old long ago'. But I'd rather think of New Years as an unspoiled universe."
* The reason Candace can't get Linda to see the boy's giant New Year's Eve Ball is because she and Lawrence were out in the garden for their midnight kiss.

[[AC: Fly On the Wall]]
* A small one when Candace finally returns home after enduring countless dangers as a fly. Baljeet takes notice of her and informs the gang. When Phineas realizes that someone must have been tampering with their daily invention and had ultimately put Candace in danger, Phineas takes on an alarmingly dangerous tone of voice when he says, "Buford...?" narrowing his eyes as he does so. It's a very small moment but it's heartwarming in the sense that we get to see Phineas's more protective side and love for his sister.
* Candace thanking her brothers over and over after being returned to normal (despite her backtracking in between and threatening to bust them as usual).
* Perry helping Doofenshmirtz get over his "evil scientist's block".
* The fact that Perry even considers that Doofenshmirtz might be sincerely inviting him to take part in a picnic is a somewhat odd one.
** Doof actually ''does'' let him eat the picnic during his training montage.

[[AC: My Sweet Ride]]
* Candace allowing Phineas and Ferb keep the trophy their car won.
** Also her reaction to the car.
---> '''Candace:''' You guys are ''so''... AWESOME!
** A blink and you'll miss it demonstration of just how well the boys know their sister: there's a Ducky Momo on the key chain.
* In a meta sense, the fact that the car doesn't disappear at the end of the episode, implying that Candace actually gets to keep something nice for once. Especially when you spend the whole episode cringing at the expectation that Doofenshmirz will hit it with the Rustinator.
* Didn't anyone think that when Phineas and Ferb pushed the chute buttons, they knew that they wanted to let Jeremy and Candace have some romance?
** They basically say so in the song, so that seems like a distinct possibility.

[[AC: Sidetracked]]
* The ''Film/OceansEleven''-inspired ending scene, with [[spoiler: Perry, Lyla, Doofenshmirtz, Monogram, Carl, and Peter the Panda at Niagara Falls]], is rather touching.
* The way Perry smiles and jumps into Phineas's lap at the end is adorable.
** Just before that, a brief moment where Candace, in mid-bust, pauses to pat Perry on the head is pretty sweet.

[[AC: Primal Perry]]
* Doofenshmirtz has been unable to recognize Perry [[ClarkKenting without his hat]]... again... and calling him "Steven the Platypus." When Perry gets his hat back at the end, Doof is upset at not being able to say goodbye to "Steven," so Perry distracts him and hides his hat, allowing Doof to say his goodbyes.
* Doofenshmirtz's EvenEvilHasStandards moment where he's horrified by Liam's intention to kill Perry: he only hired him to trap him. Conversely, the fact that Doofenshmirtz didn't know Perry had venom barbs suggests that Perry never even tried to use them on him. Shows that, for all their fighting, Doof and Perry have no desire to actually ''hurt'' each other.

[[AC: Mind Share]]
* Candace's concern and determination to get her brothers' (and their friends') minds back in their bodies before the mind share platform self-destructs.
* When Baljeet tries to console Buford about [[ItMakesSenseInContext sharing a prison with his potential predators]], Buford's expression suggests that he is genuinely relieved by this gesture.

[[AC: Bee Day]]
* In a way, Doofenshmirtz's conversation with Charlene counts. He's accidentally doused himself with pheromones, causing her to comment that he's so attractive that she can't even remember why they ever broke up. Doof doesn't even ''consider'' taking advantage of her, but forthrightly explains the situation and they part amicably.
* Candace is in an 'emo teen' phase. Despite her insistence that no one understands her, the rest of her family's reaction is only to compliment her on her new outfit and poetry.

[[AC: Bee Story]]
* The fact that Ginger paid attention to and was able to put Baljeet's explanation of bee communication to good use, especially considering Baljeet lamented that most people don't bother to listen to his talks.
** There's also how Baljeet tried to put off Phineas to continue his conversation with Ginger. [[ShipTease Seems like he might reciprocate her feelings towards him.]]

[[AC: Great Balls of Water]]
* Buford shown having fun with his goldfish for the first time since it was introduced on the show (which was back in season 1!).

[[AC: Where's Pinky?]]
* When Isabella is concerned about Pinky going missing, Candace does a good job of comforting her.

[[AC:Knot My Problem]]
* Candace spends most of the episode attempting to open a safe Jeremy gives her. When they finally manage to get the safe open, we get to see what's inside. [[spoiler: A pencil that Candace loaned to Jeremy in grade school.]]
** [[spoiler: [[UnrequitedLoveSwitcheroo Note that this implies he had a crush on her before she had a crush on him. Awww!]]]]

[[AC: Der Kinderlumper]]
* Phineas and the gang all lining up to cheer Candace on during the running of the chinchillas, complete with big foam fingers and 'Go Candace' signs.

[[AC: Just Desserts]]
* Candace recording Isabella's Fireside Girls audiobook for her.
* Kind of a small one, but Buford catches Baljeet when he is falling. Instead of the usual banter they have, they just smile at each other.
* Ferb offering tea to Candace for her sore throat at the end of the episode.
* Blink-and-you'll-miss-it: When Lawrence makes a bad pun, Candace gives him a high-five.

[[AC: Happy Birthday, Isabella]]
* Perry agreeing not to [[spoiler: wipe Stacy's memory after she finds out he's a secret agent, and Stacy agreeing to keep it a secret]].
* Butterflies. You'll know what this means.
* Isabella finally getting her birthday wish at the end (with a little help from Ferb): [[spoiler: alone time with Phineas]].
** But not before taking a moment to fist-bump Ferb.
* Not to mention that despite the fact that he didn't really listen to her, Phineas really went all out to give Isabella the best birthday ever.
* Isabella's song really captures the feeling of "I don't care where I am as long as I'm with you" that anyone who has really been in love will recognize.

[[AC: Love At First Byte]]
* Doofenshmirtz helping Norm win over Chloe.
** Plus, Doof is clearly looking proud when he sees Norm succeeding at impressing her. The whole episode really comes off as though Doof is actually starting to treat Norm as the son Norm wants to be to him.

[[AC: One Good Turn]]
* Ginger revealing that she had won all of her trophies to try and impress Stacy

[[AC: Thanks But No Thanks]]
* Monty and Vanessa [[spoiler: kiss]] in the beginning of the episode.
* Even after telling Monty she wasn't going to go to the concert, [[spoiler: she ends up going anyways]].

[[AC: Troy Story]]
* Isabella trying to cover up when she subconsciously [[spoiler: hooks her arm around Phineas's arm]] when she asks to portray Helen in the reenactment.
* There's something very sweet about the way Candace gushes over how cool Phineas and Ferb's invention of the day was, rather than trying to bust them.

[[AC: Druselsteinoween]]
* We learn that Doof's great aunt actually liked ''him'' more than Roger.
* Dramatic moment when Vanessa finally finds Monty.
* That moment when you heard the song playing with [[spoiler: all those remixed Classic PF songs]]. Yes, that's a term.
* When Isabella reveals to Phineas that she lost both of her shoes, Phineas [[spoiler: takes off his own shoes and throws them away too]], saying [[spoiler: dancing is more fun while barefoot]].
** And Phineas and Isabella [[spoiler: dance the night away.]]
* Lawrence and Linda playing around in their costumes: she's a sexy nurse, he's a gorilla.
* Perry spending the episode helping Doof search the castle.
* Another ShipTease moment for Baljeet and Ginger. [[ItMakesSenseInContext A peasant girl dancing with a dragon's butt has never been so cute.]]
* Ferb's romantic song for Vanessa and Monty's slow dance, especially when you remember that Ferb is in love with her too, but he gives the song his all.

[[AC: Face Your Fears]]
* Jeremy teasing Candace about having been the Queen of Mars is rather sweet in a way.

[[AC: Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror]]
* Right before Ducky Momo [[spoiler: seemingly is about to kill Candace, it's revealed he just wants to hug her]].
* Phineas is more worried about Perry being hurt than [[spoiler:platypus clones destroying the tri-state area and killing Phineas.]] That is love.
* When Isabella [[spoiler: is overtaken by the evil platypus clones]], Phineas tries to [[spoiler: go back for her, but alas, everyone "was ripped to shreds and left to die".]]
** Ten seconds later, [[spoiler: we find out none of it was real. Oh.]]
*** Of course, [[spoiler: Phineas was the one telling the story, so that could be a hint that he could see himself actually doing that in such a situation.]]
*** Except [[spoiler: it was all in a fictional book as shown in the beginning, and that was a sales pitch.]]

[[AC: Cheers for Fears]]
* After the project Candace planned for Jeremy's birthday [[spoiler: [[ItMakesSenseInContext flies away]] ]], he completely understands what went wrong. Candace then shows him the scrapbook she based it on (which she made on her own), which he completely accepts.
* Just the fact that the boys made such a huge project for their sister to give to her boyfriend, and made it ''exactly'' what she wanted it to be. The whole project and the related song is pretty sweet as well. It shows that, for all the trouble they (inadvertently) cause her, the boys are pulling for their sister all the way.
* Perry going back to save Doof from his own worst fears.

[[AC: Just Our Luck]]
* Perry's yawns are possibly the most adorable sounds in history.
* What's one of the things Candace does with her day of perfect luck? Head down to the senior center and groove with some retirees. Aww!

[[AC: Return Policy]]
* Candace showing that she finally realizes Jeremy likes her for who she is and that she doesn't need to stress out over it. Naturally, being Candace, she eventually does anyway, but the fact that she's able to articulate the concept shows how far she's come.
* Jeremy at the end:
-->'''Jeremy:''' "Aw, you'll bust them next time, tiger."

[[AC:Father's Day]]
* Practically the entire episode is a heartwarmer, whether it's Phineas and Ferb's flight with their father and grandfather in the biplane, or Doof getting his heart broken again when the lawn gnome breaks, but his father still appreciates it, only for him to realize it was his repossessed lawn gnome after Doof leaves. Also, Vanessa's gift to her father and the ending where Doof's father glues the gnome back together.
** There is also the moment where Doof mentions that the one relationship in his life that ''has'' gone pretty well overall is the one he has with Perry.
** Perry immediately realizing that Doofenshmirtz wishes to reconnect with his father while Doof is still in the midst of monologuing, and taking the first steps to helping him achieve that goal. He doesn't even bother to fully escape from his trap to do so!
** The mere fact that Doofenshmirtz ''wants'' to reconnect with his father, considering all the crap he got put through as a child. He'd be as justified as anyone in just ignoring Father's Day, but he really tries to do something to salvage their relationship.
* Ferb smiling the most he has in any episode.

[[AC: It's No Picnic]]
* Despite all of the chaos like Ferb being moved around and Phineas finally getting ideas, Isabella still manages to ultimately [[spoiler: get a picnic with just Phineas at the end]].
** Also the fact that when her first picnic ''does'' fail, she doesn't get too upset and tells Ferb that it's just what they do, accepting what is happening. It shows that Isabella is considerate of others and isn't just focused on Phineas all of the time, as some fans get that impression.
* Monogram actually taking pity on Doofenshmirtz's financial situation and paying for a cup of coffee for him.
* When Candace learns that Isabella has a crush on Phineas, Candace admits that she doesn't get it, but promises to help in any way she can.
* Phineas and Isabella exclaiming over the grossness of one of her dishes is extremely cute and a perfect moment of them acting like real kids.

[[AC:The Klimpaloon Ultimatum]]
* When Phineas calls Mr. Random a fiend, he caresses Isabella, who smiles warmly.
* Candace putting Klimpaloon ahead of her desire to be famous, which leads her to use her Klimpaloon noises to lure the guards away from the real Klimpaloon. Doubles as a CrowningMomentOfAwesome.
* Candace enthusiastically cheering her parents from backstage.
* The fact that the episode doesn't feature any inner-family conflict: Candace and the boys are united from beginning to end.

[[AC:Lost In Danville]]
* The second Monogram suggests that Doofenshmirtz may have fallen victim to foul play, Perry races off with a look of worry on his face.

[[AC: Tales from the Resistance: Back to the 2nd Dimension]]
* Isabella-2 when she [[spoiler: saves Pinky]].
* [[spoiler: Charlene and Doofenshmirtz 2's]] genuine relationship.
** The fact that the main reason [[spoiler:they're faking their divorce in this universe]] is so that [[spoiler:Charlene 2 won't have to be arrested and imprisoned if her husband is deposed]].

[[AC:Act Your Age]]
* [[http://www.tvinsider.com/article/259/first-look-love-is-finally-in-the-air-on-phineas-and-ferb/ This scene]] between Phineas and Isabella where [[spoiler: Isabella talks about her crush on Phineas, and Phineas reveals he has feelings for her too.]]
** Immediately preceded by Phineas giving Isabella her own CatchPhrase as an opening line.
* After ten long years and a heartbreaking DistantDuet, Phineas and Isabella [[spoiler:kiss]]!
-->'''Isabella:''' [[CatchPhrase What are you doing?]]\\
'''Phineas:''' This. ([[spoiler:''kisses her'']])
** And Isabella's reaction:
--->'''Isabella:''' [[WorthIt That was worth the wait.]]
** It's worth noting that the other two times they've [[spoiler: kissed]] [[note]] In WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerbTheMovieAcrossThe2ndDimension and Recap/PhineasAndFerbStarWars (although that one may not count, due to it being non-canon) [[/note]] it was Isabella who initiated it; this time, Phineas did, which means he most likely finally reciprocates her feelings.
* We see that many of the characters are successful in their future lives, even {{Butt Monkey}}s like Candace, Baljeet, and Carl.
* It's implied that Perry and Doofenshmirtz still hang out regularly even though the latter has given up evil.
** And the reason Doof's so eager to experience a midlife crisis on a lark is not because of discontent but because his future self has finally found contentment and happiness. To reiterate, the guy who spent the whole show living in the shadow of his miserable childhood is now ''so'' happy that he wants to experience discontentment just for a change of pace.
* The fact that the Summer Vacation Gang is still tight even after the decade-long TimeSkip. The plan to hook up Phineas and Isabella is also sweet even if it doesn't go anywhere.
** Of special note is the fact that Buford and Baljeet have apparently shed the last remnants of their bully-nerd relationship and are simply friends.
* Buford having traded his bullying lifestyle to be [[spoiler:a film student]] is refreshing. Especially when you remember how Buford did [[HiddenDepths have an artsy side]] in the series, but was ashamed of it contrasting his reputation (such as in "Buford Confidential"). The fact he decided to follow that path after all is a sort of Fridge Heartwarming.
* A small moment between the brothers after Phineas has worked things out with Isabella. Ferb goes and puts a hand on his shoulder and congratulates him in a quietly Ferb way.
* Phineas helping Isabella's grandmother with her mail, confirming that he's still the NiceGuy he always was.

[[folder:Specials and Miscellaneous]]
[[AC: Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!]]
* Phineas and Ferb deciding it's time they actually thank Santa for what he does.
* The entire last ten minutes. Including, but not limited to, Buford's Christmas wish: [[spoiler:for his friends to think of him as a nice guy.]]
** Which is only topped by Phineas' Christmas wish, [[spoiler: A chance to be Santa Claus. Bonus points for Santa saying he did a good job.]]
** That includes the end credits, especially the song.
* Buford going through Danville and having everyone turn their lights on to restore Christmas. Also Clewn't manually designating Buford as "nice" after Buford's nice deed.
* Clewn't being getting his Christmas spirit back by helping Phineas and the gang be Santa to Danville, in his own words: "I found a reason to believe again".
* "That Christmas Feeling".
* The fact that even though Isabella is Jewish and therefore celebrates Hanukkah instead of Christmas, she fully participates in Christmas activities with her friends and helps them out when they have to get the presents to everyone in Danville (even if she awkwardly got herself to appear more sympathetic when asked about Christmas). If the title sequence is an indication, she's even happy to give presents to her friends, and at the end she happily accepts a gift from Santa herself. It's just nice that the show manages to show that people can appreciate each other's holidays regardless of what culture or religion you are born into.

[[AC: Phineas and Ferb Summer Belongs to You!]]
* Candace, Jeremy, Paris. They actually use the G- and B- words with each other.
** Jeremy coming home early to kiss Candace.
** Then Candace passing up his invitation to stay in Paris with him in order to be responsible and stay with the boys. Shows that she's not just out to get them, but really does take her role as older sister seriously.
* Doofenshmirtz seeing that Vanessa might be a tiny bit evil, after stopping him from getting arrested by Monogram.
** His ''eyes well up in tears''... of pride. Aww!
* It's a subtle one, but when Candace was singing her bit in the song "Summer Belongs To You", she ruffles Ferb's hair cutely. It so "Aaaawwwwww!"-inducing because Candace and Ferb are ''just stepsiblings'' and that that was practically the '''only''' time where they interact as brother and sister.
** Especially the half-of-a-second bit where Ferb smiles after Candace did so.
** What she sings makes it better. Not only is she proud of them but she thought it was merely ''implausible'' at the beginning of the journey that they would do the undoable. That's a lot of faith in their skill.
--->''I traveled halfway 'round the world and almost turned and ran away\\
But you helped me get my courage back, so now I've got to say\\
That, though I've often thought of you as just a nuisance and a bother\\
Today I can't imagine having better little brothers!\\
And you gotta believe in something, so today I believed in you!\\
And you came through! We made it! I've never been so proud!\\
I know at first it seemed implausible\\
But we accomplished the impossible\\
Now there's something that I have to say out loud\\
Time is what you make of it, so take a chance!\\
Life is full of music, so you oughta dance!\\
The world's a stage and it is time for your debut!\\
Don't waste a minute sitting on that chair!\\
The world is calling so, just get out there!\\
You can see forever so your dreams are all in view!\\
[[TitleDrop Summer belongs to you!]]''
*** Several brief but sweet family and friend moments happen shortly before and during that song, for example: [[http://phineasandferb.wikia.com/wiki/File:Candace_Hugging_PnF.jpg Candace hugging both of her brothers at once]], [[http://phineasandferb.wikia.com/wiki/File:P%26I.png Isabella hugging Phineas]] [[ShipTease for a second time in that episode]], [[http://phineasandferb.wikia.com/wiki/File:Phineas_and_Ferb_singing_SBTY.JPG Phineas having a "bro moment" with Ferb]] and [[http://phineasandferb.wikia.com/wiki/File:PhineasxIsabella.JPG Phineas and Isabella holding hands and dancing together]].
*** Really, that whole song is one long CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming. It's so upbeat and cheerful, and this right on the heels of Phineas' HeroicBSOD...well, let's just say [[ManlyTears that tears were shed.]]
* [[http://phineasandferb.wikia.com/wiki/File:Phineas_and_Isabella_hugging.jpg Phineas and Isabella '''hugging''']].
** The entire scene with Isabella pulling Phineas out of his HeroicBSOD is just aww-inducing, and quickly followed by a CrowningMomentOfFunny when she [[spoiler:almost lets slip of her crush on him]].
* Ferb's one-sentence pep talk to Vanessa about her dad is fairly sweet. Not to mention what happens after that with the flower. I really hope we get more of it in future episodes.
** Likewise, Ferb's "talk" with Isabella on the beach was sort of touching, given that a) the two rarely interact with each other, and b) it contains a bit of FridgeBrilliance when you remember Ferb's experiences in Paris mirrored her own.
* Buford giving everybody back their bikes so they can get home before sundown, mixed with CrowningMomentOfAwesome.
** [[FridgeBrilliance Moreso when you realize]] that Buford genuinely wanted an adventure where they truly and undeniably proved that they could do anything they set before them and that summer really belonged to them - he only made a high-stakes bet so Phineas wouldn't have the option to not go through with everything. (And so he could eat a bug.)
* Phineas and Ferb's pep talk for Candace when she's freaking out about her relationship with Jeremy. A heartwarming talk with a stealth math joke.
--> '''Candace:''' Well, my summer's been a series of failures. I have a hard time believing in anything.
--> '''Phineas:''' Well, you got on this plane. You know, back when it ''was'' a plane. Which means you believed in us.
--> '''Ferb:''' And we believe in you.
--> '''Phineas:''' And therefore, through the transitive property of belief, you DO believe in yourself.
** Made all the better by "I Believe We Can" playing during the scene.

[[AC: Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel]]
* Buford [[spoiler:returning Baljeet to normal by telling him that he is his best friend]].
* [[spoiler: Phineas and Candace apologizing to one another]] during the final battle [[spoiler:and the reveal that Phineas had repaired Candace's S.H.E.D. membership card]].
** It's especially heartwarming seeing Phineas looking so guilty over how he acted towards Candace when apologizing, too.
** Candace prefacing her doomed attempt to bust the boys by assuring them "I love you, and I'm glad we made up."
** The fact that Phineas gave Candace a S.H.E.D. card in the first place; another example of how the boys always try to involve her in their schemes.
* It's a major [[TearJerker/PhineasAndFerb tearjerker]], but it says a lot about their relationship that, despite everything Candace has done or tried to do to the boys over the summer, this is the only time they ever really get angry at her. Not only that, but when they do, she's ''miserable'' about it.
* All the interactions between the Marvel and ''Phineas and Ferb'' characters before the superheroes take their leave. Candace gets to touch Thor's hammer, Nick Fury salutes the kids for their help, Perry gets autographs from Hulk and Iron Man, Iron Man gives Phineas and Ferb his number so they can apply for a summer internship, Hulk plays a friendly trick on Baljeet, and Buford waves goodbye to the superheroes [[ItMakesSenseInContext with a dead fish]].
** The autographs scene becomes even more heartwarming when you realize that he actually got the autographs [[http://twixremix.tumblr.com/image/58380166898 signed for Carl and Monogram]].

[[AC: Phineas and Ferb Save Summer]]
* Candace watching the video of her five-year-old self. Plus, the way that "Future Candace" mimics "Past Candace's" lisp when she says, "But ''I'm'' Future Candathe!"
* Even if some of Phineas' LiteralMinded responses to Candace didn't exactly help her, watching him help her overcome [[spoiler: her fear of spiders]] was really sweet to watch, as it manages to emphasize that he is always willing to help his sister when she needs it. It's even sweeter when he reminds her of the things she has done over the Summer, and Phineas [[spoiler: acknowledging her efforts once the Earth is back in it's normal position]].
* Monty inspiring Carl to start taking charge of OWCA while the latter is feeling overwhelmed by his new responsibilities.

[[AC: Phineas and Ferb Star Wars]]
* [[spoiler:Phineas and Ferb's reaction when encountering Perry.]]
* [[spoiler:When Ferb turns back into his normal self, Phineas hugs him.]]
* [[spoiler:Phineas finally realizes that the Stormtrooper he saved was his long-lost sister, Candace.]]
** Candace, Buford and Baljeet pulling a [[spoiler: HeelFaceTurn.]]
* Here we actually get to see (sort of) what drove Han to [[spoiler: go and save Luke during the attack on the Death Star.]] We learn it was mostly thanks to Chewie talking some sense into him.
* [[spoiler:During the final celebratory number, Isabella kisses Phineas.]]
** One particular line of lyrics during the ending song.
--->''"[[TitleDrop A new hope]] has returned"''

[[AC: Night of the Living Pharmacists]]
* Seeing all of the characters working together as well as be so selfless towards each other, even if it meant becoming zombified just to save someone.
* Phineas refusing to give up on Isabella when he realises he left her behind, as well as feeling really bad about it.
** Becomes HeartwarmingInHindsight when [[spoiler: his faith in Isabella proves to be true, since out of everyone facing the pharmacists she survived the longest and thus was the one to activate the vortex sprayer.]]
* Gretchen and the other Fireside Girls encouraging Isabella to admit her feelings to Phineas via musical number.
* Doof's reaction when he realizes that ''Vanessa'' would be vulnerable to the transformation. He instantly goes from hiding from the other Doofs in annoyance to charging out.
** Then there was his reaction when [[spoiler:Perry and [[PapaWolf Vanessa]] are turned into zombie-like Doofs]]...
* Isabella finally revealing her feelings to Phineas.
* Even though it was cut from the final episode, [[http://noddytheornithopod.tumblr.com/post/102055826585/storyboards-from-an-alternate-ending-to-night-of Phineas and Isabella hugging]] after everyone [[spoiler: is cured]], because it really feels earned after seeing everything go to hell and the idea of watching the two of them just hugging out of relief is really sweet.
** Also cut was was an extended [[http://alikigreeky.tumblr.com/post/99352871809/for-you-phinbellas-this-was-my-scene confession scene]], which would've had more dialogue implying Phineas having feelings for Isabella. Oh, and the idea of him kissing her was even briefly suggested.

[[AC:Last Day of Summer]]
* [[spoiler:The closure on Candace and Doofenshmirtz and what they spent all of summer doing, is just sweet.]] Even if we don't see how they changed, we know they'll get better.
* Even though things go downhill soon afterward, it's hard not to crack a smile at "Tomorrow is This Morning Again": Candace and Doofenshmirtz, who are perpetually frustrated throughout the series, are just so incredibly happy during that sequence.
** Similarly, the moment where Doof ''finally'' wins. He's just so excited that it's hard not to feel happy for him, even though you know it'll backfire before long.
* Vanessa spelling out Dr. Doofenshmirtz's entire character for him, sparking his realization that he would likely be better off as a good guy.
* During the final time loop when time is running dangerously short, Perry and Vanessa give Doofenshmirtz their full support when he tries to explain their current situation.
** Here's another thought: Time has just looped, which means Perry's memories have been reset to "Heinz Doofenschmirtz's is at his evil schemes again. Time to stop his -inator". And then just when he lands in his nemesis's lair, Heinz tells him to grab a screwdriver and help him out. Bear in mind that since he was in a rush to get the Time-Straighten-Out-inator up and running before time loops again, he wasn't able to explain that he was doing a good deed now. Perry helps him out anyway.
* Two small but significant scenes: Isabella waving hello to Baljeet during the opening number and giving Buford a double high-five after the day is saved. Even within the main group of kids, we mostly see Isabella interact with Phineas, and Buford and Baljeet with each other, and not without good reason. But subtle moments like these are a good way to show that, by this point in the series, they are ''all'' good friends.
* The big hug Candace gives to Phineas and Ferb when she finds them in the empty world.
** Before that, Isabella's reaction to seeing Phineas again and regaining her memories of him.
* The montage during "Time Spent Together" showing everyone reminiscing over their summer.
** Especially Candace happily taking part, indicating that she's finally decided to stop being such a killjoy and join in the fun.
** Special mention for this part of the song:
--> ''It's just about the time,\\
Not the weather,\\
It's just about the time\\
Spent together...''\\

* "Thank You For Comin' Along", just all of it.
* Before the episode (along with the entire show) ends, Phineas waves goodbye to the viewers and shuts the door; D'awww...

[[AC: Other]]
* This interview with Wired Magazine in which they discuss one of the show's most heartwarming features:
--> Phineas has a habit of announcing brightly, "I know what we’re going to do today!" For Bart Simpson, that would mean a prank phone call to Moe’s Tavern; for the South Park slackers, a stream of V-Chipped obscenities (at the least). "The easiest place to go for humor is characters saying mean things to each other," says one of the show’s creators, Dan Povenmire. "But we wanted them to be genuinely nice with each other and still have some edge."
* The ''Phineas and Ferb 3D'' online video game "Transport-inators of Doom!" when you stop to think about it. You're playing the [[BigBrotherInstinct protective big brother]] who searches for/rescues his younger brother. Perry helping separately is endearing too.
* [[http://alikigreeky.tumblr.com/post/19281369468/candace-is-always-on-the-bust-here-is-a-drawing-i This]]. The d'aww levels are off the charts.
* In the "A Very Perry Christmas DVD" you can see the characters letters to Santa. Major Monogram's includes this bit:
-->'''Monogram''': And finally, I'd like to request a heart for myself. Mrs. Monogram stole mine 12 years ago.
* In "Where's my Perry?" after you beat a level Doofenshmirtz will occasionally say "Perry the platypus come back please! I miss you!"
* DamonLindelof [[http://youtu.be/R2JyUbwEwi8 explaining his love of the show]] at Comic-Con.
--> '''Lindelof''': It's a very special thing when you can watch something with your kids and love it just as much as they do.
* Most of the 2015 Comic-Con panel qualifies, but especially the audience giving a standing ovation at the end.
* At a con, a fan gave Dan and Swampy a picture she had drawn of Phineas and Ferb as teenagers and then walked off. Flash forward to when they began planning ''Act Your Age''; both Dan and Swampy insisted that this fan (one Ashley Simpson) had the perfect teen designs for their characters, personally tracked her down to hire her for the episode and then hired her as a storyboard artist for [[WesternAnimation/MiloMurphysLaw their next project]]. She was, and remains, over the moon about it.