Heartwarming / Pet Shop of Horrors

  • In one story, a blind girl with a large inheritance from the recent death of her parents needed a dog to help her see and for protection in case the killer came back for her. Count D presents her with a "dog" that is (as typical for the shop) to all appearances a young man named Dreizehn. At first the girl is very uncomfortable with this, but Dreizehn proves to be a loyal helper and she soon warms to him. Unfortunately, the killer came back to get her. Dreizehn ignored her orders to run away and attacked the killer. Knocked out of the way, the girl could only hear the sounds of ripping and screaming. Crying, she wanted to see again, to see if Dreizehn was all right. Her eyes suddenly opened and the first thing she saw was a regular doberman next to the dead body of her would-be killer. The dog quickly got up and licked her face to comfort her. At once, she knew who he was. The last words of the story was that the two of them were still together to this day.
    • Another one dealt with a man running for president. Roger was known to be a charismatic man, though very proud, snobbish and ungrateful. His assistant, Kelly, however, is a kind, thoughtful man, who did all of Roger's work for him. He was in love with Roger's fiance, Nancy, who also returned his affections. But the two of them cannot be together in fear of the downfall of Roger's career. Soon Roger received a Kirin, a great and terrible beast that could grant any wishes. On the ride home, a bus full of children was in danger and Kelly managed to stop the bus at rolling off a cliff, though his car went over. There, Kelly saw the true form of the Kirin, who asked him his desire. Fame? Wealth? Power? Kelly simply answered that he only wanted to see Nancy smile. When Kelly woke up in the hospital, he was confused that Nancy kept calling him Roger and telling him that Kelly is dead. Only for him to realize that he was in Roger's body. Due to his Heroic Sacrifice, many people now respected and praised him even more, guaranteeing his way to presidency. And now, nothing stopped him from marrying Nancy. The Kirin saw that he passed his Secret Test of Character and granted him everything.
    • Then, in regards with the main characters, Leon, after been shot, had a dream about his deceased mother. While pretending to tie his shoelace (the last he did before he got shot), he apologized to his mother for being angry with her while she was pregnant with Chris and regretted not being able to say something to her.
      Leon: "Thank you. Thanks for everything, Mom. Thanks, Mom. You raised me good and I love you."
    • During Christmastime, Chris's uncle and aunt came back to take Chris back with them. They then list all the reasons why Leon wouldn't be a good guardian for Chris, with his job, his filthy apartment and being supposedly distant with Chris in the first place. Later on, Leon pops out of nowhere, dressed as Santa Claus, knowing how Chris feared Santa Claus wouldn't give him anything for being "bad". Chris happily smiles, shocking his aunt and uncle, who hadn't seen Chris smile for a long time. When Leon asked them why they were here, they simply tell Leon that they only wanted to wish them a Merry Christmas, showing that they changed their minds about taking Chris away and they changed their thoughts about Leon as well.
    • In one story that was about "diet", an over-weight girl wanted to go to the prom. She was given a new fitness trainer to help her. When she finally makes it to the prom, we can all see that she thinned out quite nicely. However, as she danced with the boy of her dreams, she realized that he was really rude and immature and punched him one. She later went back to Count's shop to moan about all the wasted work. However, Count pointed out that she gained something more in return. Her trainer always told her to stand up straight and have pride in herself, so she would gain confidence, when at the beginning, she didn't have much. She then asked Count where she could find her trainer to thank her. However, Count didn't know where the trainer went. Instead, he told the girl in gratitude for the trainer, she should look after a very familar looking cat for the trainer ...
  • There are several in Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo. The best example this Troper can think of is a story in which a Filipino woman named Joanna is happily married to a much older (and rich) man, but finds herself trapped in a Cinderella situation when her husband gets dementia. Her stepchildren, all the same age as her, hate her for her youth and being foreign and only let her stay as a servant. She balances doing all of their chores, caring for her husband, raising her son, and protecting him from the family. She is aided by a strange young man named Rudy who D sends from the pet shop to assist her. After learning of her predicament, Rudy holds Joanna and offers to take her and her son away so she won't be hurt anymore. Though tempted, Joanna refuses on the grounds that she loves her husband and won't abandon him. To top it off, after her husband dies she discovers that he was only faking his dementia to see how his family really felt and acted. So he saw how much Joanna cared for him and loved him after all. Because of this, he leaves her the entire half of his very large estate and a note warning her to raise their son better than he raised his other children.
    • In one story, Wu Fei meets and befriends a young girl, taking her to an amusement park when he hears how she has no friends, and getting angry when he thinks that her sister is grooming her to be a prostitute. It turns out that the girl is a mystical bird in human form, and arrives in time to save Wu Fei from an assassination attempt via poison. And at the end of the story, D says that the girl's older sister was very grateful for Wu Fei looking after the girl.

  • In one story, a girl struggles to be a pianist. The trouble is, she doesn't have the natural talent to be a prodigy, which both she and her parents realize. Unfortunately, both pretend she does, not wanting to disappoint each other. The girl's pet dog, who she had been raising since birth even though the poor thing was blind, deaf, and weak, bites her hand, ruining her chances of being a pianist, but freeing her to pursue a career of her choice. The real heartwarming part comes at the end. The girl's father sent the dog to stay with Count D, out of anger at it biting her. It was clear that the dog was expecting something like that to happen... but was completely surprised to see the girl come back for her dog. Keep in mind that this dog was the equivalent of the Dalai Lama, having had several hundred years of living. And this moves her!
  • "My dear detective, if I didn't worry about you, who would?"