Heartwarming / Persuasion

From the book:

  • Anne outright defying her father, and seeing her friend Mrs. Smith, who has been ailing. The older woman mentions that she can't be melancholy with Anne around.
  • The affection that exists between Wentworth, the Harvilles, Benwick, and the Crofts. On the visit to Lyme, Anne decides that although her family would surely disdain their less-polished manners, she would have infinitely liked better to spend the last eight years in their genuine and supportive circle than with her shallow and snobbish family.

From the adaptations:

  • When Anne catches sight of Admiral and Mrs. Crawford in Bath, there's a big smile on her face and she immediately runs to greet them. Seeing her actually happy and in the company of people who value her is such a nice thing after an hour of watching her miserable and emotionally neglected by her father and sisters.
  • There's something sweet about the sight of Harville standing behind Wentworth when Wentworth interrupts the card party to propose to Anne—brother captains on all battlefields, it seems.
  • The look on Captain Wentworth's face when Anne joins him by the captain's wheel in the 1995 film version. Ciarán Hinds conveys volumes with one soft smile — he looks at her as though she's his entire world.