Heartwarming / Paw Dugan

  • Paw's face when Roses kissed him on the cheek in her episode of Musical Youth about the California Raisins.
  • His gushing over the Mary Poppins song "Feed the Birds."
  • Blink and you'll miss it, but in the orgy section of "Rejected SWS Ideas", Elisa's head is on his chest and he's contentedly stroking her hair.
  • Bit of an odd one, but in the Doctor Dolittle Review he gains the ability to speak to appliances goes out to try it out. He is then told off by an air conditioner and the do not cross sign. The heartwarming moment is when he returns to his apartment. His coffee maker, toaster, blender, and crockpot greet him as he enters:
    Appliances: We still love you.
    Paw: *Thumbs up* Thanks, guys.
  • The Channel Awesome Dance Extravaganza 4! Its a lot of fun seeing these guys have a lot of fun and the fact they all manged to do it together and made an entertaining video of them each dancing funny. Paw did the same thing for the 2nd and 3rd anniversary specials.
  • Paul and Elisa are engaged. The sheer d'awwww is overwhelming.
    • As of October 13, 2013, they are now married!
    • And as of February 10th, 2014, they've announced they're expecting a baby!
    • Their combined "Fantasia Review Commentary", looking back on how they met and their relationship. So sweet.
  • Paw and Elisa hugging at the end of the review of The Muppet Christmas Carol
  • Paw loving Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog to bits.
  • Most of the other reviewers on TGWTG congratulating him and Elisa who are expecting a child.
  • Those who weren't aware Elisa was pregnant were shocked when she showed off her baby belly in Paw's The Lion King sequels video. About half the comments on the video became one long string of congratulations to Paw and Elisa.
  • First image of Paw's baby that we see? Him kissing the little tyke! DAWWWWWW
  • In his play-through of King's Quest (2015), one of the reasons he chooses to have Graham pursue Princess Vee is because she reminds him of Elisa.