Heartwarming / Paperinik New Adventures

  • PKNA #9: after Paperinik was apparently coolflamized and then killed by Xadhoom, only to survive and be back to normality, he and Xadhoom share a moment of peace as he tells her about the legend of the springs that were created by the tears of the Moon. Her expression in that panel clearly shows that she, for once, feels calm and happy.
  • PKNA #17: During the whole story, Xadhoom has been acting crazy due the aftereffects of being hit by the biggest energy-absorber ever built by Evron, and Paperinik had to contain her while he tried and cured her condition. At the end Xadhoom decides to thank him with a kiss on the lips. Double as Funny moment because she forgot that her body temperature is the same of a star! Three guesses on what happened to our poor hero.
  • At the end of PKNA #21 "Tyrannic", Flaggstar wants to give Paperinik a PBI badge to make him a honorary agent, to thank him for the help he gave. He says he can't accept... unless they make another for One. Double heartwarming because for most of the issue Donald was feeling Overshadowed by AI awesomeness
  • The endings of both the main story and the back-up story of issue #28.
  • The scene in #30 where two cops share donuts and coffe with Paperinik: it's nice to see that not everybody in Duckburg is buying Angus's lies about the heroes.
  • PKNA #37: Xadhoom entrusting PK with the back-up of her soul.
  • The relationship between the Raider and his son Trip is "d'aaaww"-inducing. It reaches its highest point when seeing is son is not home (Odin Eidolon has brought him in the 20th century), he aborts the mission at Time 0 to look for him, thus involuntarily preventing his own death. In his priorities, the boy comes before everything else.
  • Despite the horrible things he has done, One keeps on wishing to be able to reach his "brother" Two and share the knowledge they can obtain together. In the end, he absorbs what little of the program of a dying Two is left, because he can't bear to see him completely deleted.
    One: "He was my only similar! I never wished to destroy him!"
  • Gorthan: Such... A wonderful planet...
  • From Chronicle of a Return
    • The simple fact Porphioolon has the sheer guts to ask Xadhoom to spare the other Evronians... And, even more, the fact she agrees. Because he's not the only one who feels responsible for those who should be his people.
    • Porphioolon's Heroic Sacrifice.
    • When their ship was falling into the sun, Xadhoom went out of her way to recover at least Porphioolon's spore, so that Paperinik can get Solomon to regrow him. Considering it was Xadhoom who did it...
    • During the whole story Earth was freezing due the En'tomek draining the sun's heat. What did Solomon do? Everything he could to keep as many people as possible heated while Paperinik tried to solve the problem, and when it appeared Paperinik had failed he made sure to give people a hope while he took over solving the problem. It involved trying to blow everything up, but he doesn't know many other things...
  • From The Mark of Moldrock
    • Everett revealing that by sealing Moldrock and his soldiers in the pentadimensional prison-universe, he in fact saved them, as the Coronian monarchy wanted them executed. It was even a further reason for him to leave Corona, beside trying to subtract his daughters from Serifa's influence. Moldrock is so struck by this, he stops his rampage and voluntarily returns to the prison-universe. As he's now merely thinking about Everett's proposal to renounce his revenge, we don't know what will happen in the future, but in the meantime, Everett has ultimately saved the day without fighting, and because he was compassionate years before.
    • PK and One are finally reunited and are ready to work again like in the old times.